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Prepare A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) With A Mind Map

Overlay for a MindGenius How to VideoA Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) explores the Project Deliverables. First, the high level deliverables are set out, followed by the broad chunks of work involved in each of those. These can then be broken down further in individual activities. So a WBS is made up of Project Deliverables, Work Packages and Activities.

WBS elements are often numbered to make it easier to refer and discuss. Costs associated with each element will also be added and it is beneficial to see resourcesm dates and completion status. 

A WBS provides accuracy in Project Scope to clarify exactly what is involved in a project and the related costs and resources involved.

Building a WBS With MindGenius

It is easy to build a WBS in MindGenius and dynamic views allow you to look at the same information from different perspectives.  

Take for example, a project to build a new garden shed. 

You would begin with the deliverables such as Foundations, Build, Internals and Electrics. Within each of those you would then add level 2 chunks of work under those. For example, Add Pad and Pour Concrete would be added to Foundations. The level 3 activities are then added, for example, under Add Pad would then have Order Ready Mix, Schedule and Pour Concrete would be added to Pour Concrete.  

Most projects can be broken down in this way. Larger projects are often a collection of mini projects. 

Adding numbering in MindGenius is done simply by putting MindGenuis in numbering mode.

Costs can be added to individual tasks and then summed up to each level and ultimately overall. 

Your WBS in MindGenius can show resources, dates and completion status and offers flexibility of views to allow you to see what you want when you need it.

Try creating your WBS in MindGenius with a free trial: