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Marketing Content

Preparing a marketing content calendar requires some initial thought into target audience, the purpose of the collateral being prepared and the type of collateral that will meet those objectives. Combining the map and project management features in MindGenius enables you to plan and scope out the content and then prepare a schedule to publish and promote the content produced.


Addressing a series of questions, either on your own or as a team will let you establish what you are aiming to produce and the intended audience.  Setting out the intended purpose of the content will give you a measurement against which you can set up KPIs to measure the success of the content. 

At this stage, setting out an outline of the content that will be conveyed when the final copy is produced will give a structure to aid the writing process.  This also acts as a brief to whoever is writing the content if that is not the person preparing the plan.  Design requirements to match the copy should also be scoped out – again to act as a brief to the person working on any images or design layouts for the content. 


Approval steps can be built into your plan and can follow whichever process you use. A typical example would be draft / review and feedback / write final copy / approve / publish.  This process can be set up easily in MindGenius to make managing the content plan easier. Each of these steps can be assigned to members of your team as tasks.


A content plan needs a content calendar to schedule when and where each piece that is produced. The Gantt style timeline layout in MIndGenius is perfect for this and lets you show dependencies between each stage. For example, if you plan to publish a piece of content on a certain date – that will determine when it needs to be written, reviewed and approved.  The final approval stage will have an impact on planned publication if approval is not completed on time.

MindGenius not only lets you capture all of the answers to the questions which should be addressed during your planning stages, but also enables you to turn the resultant actions into a project plan which you can use to manage throughout content production and publication. 

Download MindGenius for free (no credit card required) for 14 days and prepare your marketing content plan using one of our templates or quickly and easily build your own based on your processes.