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Event Planning

Running a successful event depends on a huge amount of organisation. Whether you are hosting the event yourself or attending another event as a delegate or exhibitor there will be a lot of planning required.  Tasks which will require to be managed will range from pre to post event as well as during the event itself.

The combination of planning and project management features in MindGenius make it the ideal tool to help you manage your events effectively. 

Pre event:

This is the key planning stage of your event and the mapping area of MindGenius provides the structure you need to move forward with your plans.  At this point, you want to know what type of event you are planning – whether it is self-hosted or you are attending as an exhibitor. You will also want to establish the anticipated number of attendees. If you are hosting the event, you will also want to start evaluating potential venues, deciding which one to go for and confirm the booking and consider travel and accommodation for attendees. 

From there you can start to plan for promotion of the event, what materials will be required for the promotion and how the event will be promoted.  In addition, how will registrations be taken and confirmed for attendees.  If payment is required for attendance – how will that be taken.

At the venue itself, what AV equipment will be required and the catering arrangements. 

Esatblishing the answers to all of these areas as a series of questions in a mind map keeps all of your event related information in one place and ensures you can smoothly manage the resultant tasks which come from your planning phase.

During the event:

Throughout the event itself, you will have activities which will continue to be managed such as ensuring everything which was agreed with the venue is in place, social media activity throughout the event and catering is in place and served at the appropriate times – in addition, ensuring any dietary requirements are captured and details given to the venue. 

You can stay organised on the day by setting all of these activities out in MindGenius and managing them throughout the day.  

Post event:

You can plan for post event activities by assigning tasks around post event follow up communications with attendees as well as an internal post event de-brief.  The information captured during the debrief can also be captured effectively in MindGenius to help with lessons learned and applied to future event planning.

The combination of planning and project management features make MindGenius an excellent choice for event planning.

Download MindGenius for free (no credit card required) for 14 days and plan your next event using one of our templates or quickly and easily build your own based on your processes.