Tuesday, 16 September 2014

How To Export to MS Word...

MindGenius provides the ability to export a Map to MS Word.
This function is particularly useful when preparing a document, article, briefing, report or assignment.

This “How To” Guide outlines how you can set up and use the Export to MS Word function…

Where will I find this export function?
The export to MS Word function is available via the “Microsoft Office” menu on the Export Ribbon: 
• Switch to the Export Ribbon
• Click on the Microsoft Word button
• Enter a File Name and location to save the document
• Set Export Options (see below)
• Click OK

An alternative way would be to use the File / Export option on the Application Drop-Down Menu
The Basic “Rules” for Exporting a Map…
• The “Core” Branch will become the title of the document
• 1st-Level Branches will become “Heading 1” Paragraph Headings
• 2nd- Level Branches will become “Heading 2” Sub-paragraph Headings…and so on
• Notes (input into the Notes Editor pane) will become Text against that particular Paragraph
Using a “Sample” Map, here is an example of how a Map exports to MS Word…

Export Options…

The following options are available on export (tick to select):
• Launch MS Word on completion – to launch the document in MS Word once the export has completed
• Use a Word Template – if selected, Heading styles in the selected MS Word Template will be applied to the Map
• Respect MindGenius Font Styles – Map Styles and customised Branch Styles in the Map will be retained
• Branches below Level "xyz" use in normal text – instead of becoming Paragraph Headings, the Branches in the levels you select will appear as normal text
• Insert an Image – an image of the Map will be inserted into the MS Word document. It will be split at Page Breaks if used and may also be split at each Level 1 Branch (which makes the image size more manageable)
• Put each Image on its own Page – if selected, a Page Break will be inserted at each Image. The Page Orientation used may also be specified for these Image Pages
• Export Range – Current View or Entire Map – to export the whole Map, select “Entire Map”; to limit the Map to the Current View (respect Focus, filters, etc) select “Export Current Map”. It is also possible to choose whether to respect a Branch’s collapsed state; if “Expand Branches” is selected, then a collapsed Branch’s child/sub-branches will be exported
• Only export Branches with Notes – to omit Branches with no Note Text
• Omit Branches with no Sub-branches – to omit Branches with no children, i.e. sub-branches
• Property Options -  select any additional Branch Properties to be exported. This information will appear next to the Branch in the export

Tip for best results: The default settings will give good results on exporting a Map to MS Word.

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