Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Did You Know...You Gain Better Clarity and Focus by Re-Structuring Map Content

In most cases, after we have captured and mapped a mass of ideas, knowledge and information, we need to re-structure our map in order to aid understanding and bring focus and clarity to the exercise (e.g. we may need to clarify areas of complexity; we may need to prioritise; or we may need to reach decisions and or outcomes).
Re-structuring of a map is achieved by moving branches either in order or sequence within the same level, or moving into different levels and parent/child relationships.


How Can I Move Branches and alter the Map Structure?
• Simply Click and Drag the branch you want to move
• Drag the Branch to its new location
• Use the Branch shadow to preview where the branch will drop if you release the mouse
• Release the mouse-click to complete the move

Apart from the Core Branch, any Branch can be moved in terms of order and hierarchy, thus providing the ability to group themes, re-structure part or whole content, provide better clarity to the subject matter

An Example…
Below is an example of how a large brainstorm of improvement ideas was re-structured, by simply “dragging and dropping branches” into agreed subject-heading branches…

Re-structuring a Map and grouping is a highly engaging and beneficial collaborative exercise for a group/team to actually carry out. It encourages communication, aids understanding and the end-result is a more focussed, clearer outcome.
Another Method…
Below is an alternative method of grouping this brainstorm, of improvement ideas. This time the group/team were asked to decide on a value for each item captured in terms of “High, /Medium or Low Impact” on the business. The Map content was re-structured on that basis and finally the Map layout was changed to “Affinity Layout” to assist with clarity and better understanding of the outcome…
(This re-structuring can of course be achieved by using the Categories from the “Analyze” Ribbon and creating a Category-Centric view)
Whatever methods and MindGenius functionality you use, the key point is that clarity and focus on any complex topic or subject matter can be simply achieved through Map re-structuring.
Help on moving and re-positioning Branches is available within the MindGenius Help content area in the “Tools” Ribbon.

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