Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Improving Life Skills – The MindGenius Way

Each time I take a look into our customer base profile to gauge the depth and breadth of MindGenius use and adoption, I can’t help but be amazed at the range of age groups, job roles, work disciplines, application, uses and benefits.

Recent discussions with a colleague around this issue challenged me to pause and think “beyond the product” about the wider, bigger picture around the dynamics of what is actually taking place in our customer base.

Continuous feedback from across our varied customer base confirms the basics of what we would expect from users who have carried out their own thorough research around their specific needs, requirements and how MindGenius can meet these. Not unexpectedly it points to confirming that MindGenius delivers in the key aspects and across a wide range of applications:
• Helps to manage information  overload
• Increase productivity
• Brings clarity and focus to tasks, activities, etc.
• Raises the quality of work and outputs overall

However, it could be argued that whilst important and impressive enough, that list could be interpreted as high level and quite general. If we scratch below the surface, we start to uncover some real and telling uses and benefits – ones that really impact on individuals and groups and contribute to wider and far-reaching benefits.
We in fact discover that the use of MindGenius actually impacts on people’s core skills – it acts as leverage and a catalyst to the way people actually…
• Think through problems and challenges
• Improve a range of planning and organisation activities
• Approach learning, studying and knowledge management
• Cope with, manage and work through change
• Research topics
• Generally perform in more efficient and productive ways

What we see happening is when users engage with the combination of the MindGenius functionality and the mapping methodology, it becomes an intuitive and effective “way of working” that provides visualization, clarity and focus that alternative  linear, static and less creative and engaging methodologies simply do not provide (in fact have the opposite negative effect).
So, whether you are young, mature, in education, in business, office based, in management / leadership, or whatever, the MindGenius approach will augment your own skills and approaches, and in most instances help you noticeably improve them.
Going back therefore to my original viewpoint of “beyond the product”, the use and adoption of the MindGenius methodology simply improves the way we tackle these everyday tasks, activities, challenges and plans, etc.
The map diagram above is a quick brainstorm of the various areas we can prove the impact as a result of some of the ways our customers apply MindGenius. These areas are vital Life Skill aspects. Think of how many times you, or someone you know, at home, in education, or in business need to display or even improve on these Life Skills… if our research and customer feedback highlights real and tangible benefits and results in each one of these areas / skills through the use and application of MindGenius, we surely cannot afford to miss out on availing ourselves of the opportunity to further improve the way we work, perform and generally apply our personal armoury of Life Skills?
If you feel you are possibly not getting the best of MindGenius in these all important Life Skills, or you know someone who could benefit from being introduced to or increasing their use of MindGenius, we have the experience, knowledge and practical Know-how to help – just get in touch – we’d be delighted to hear from you!
There are numerous Resources both within the MindGenius product Help and with the Resources Section of our website
We also provide advice and professional training and consultancy services to help you get the most out of MindGenius and its applications for many personal, business and education uses.
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Author Bio: Jamie MacDonald, Head of Client Development at MindGenius. Jamie is a highly experienced trainer, facilitator and coach with over 20 years’ experience in training, development, HRM and business improvement.



Peter said...

Just wondered if MindGenius has ever thought of having a Tumblr blog. There is a name in use but it only posted about seven posts and stopped posting on September 18th 2013 and claims in its title to be to do with health and technology but that is not apparent in its posts. As a blog system that is more visual and graphics-friendly than facebook or twitter it seems an ideal place to have a mindgenius account. Admittedly, while every university in USA has an account and most of the large museums, galleries and libraries, in the UK I've only found London's Horniman museum, no libraries and little take-up by universities. I do follow the Guardian's tumblr blog but I have not checked for the other broadsheet UK papers and I must admit I have not investigated the business take-up although I know there are plenty of artists of one sort or another blogging on there.

Anonymous said...

just to support the above .I am a nurse specialist and use my mind genius at least once a week. Especially when attending meetings where you have only 10 minutes to get your subject matter across. Mind mapping before hand enables you to prioritize and be more focused . Recently I sent a mind map to my boss as she wanted a break down of our service. Much quicker than several paragraphs of words. lynn

MindGenius said...

Thanks for your suggestion Peter, we will definitely investigate this!

MindGenius said...

Hi Lynn, thanks for your comment. We're delighted to hear how much MindGenius helps you within your role. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any support you may require in the future!

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