Wednesday, 13 August 2014

How to Use Question Sets...

MindGenius provides a selection of pre-installed Question Sets.

Question Sets are available for a range of subjects and purposes such as strategy, planning, essay writing and writing a business plan, among others.
Question Sets are key questions on a range of subjects designed to help you explore that topic more fully, and help you build your map quicker by prompting you with key questions that help to ensure a thoroughly explored topic. They also ensure your map is well structured and stays on track.
Question Sets also help you get the most out of your Template maps.
You can also create your own customised Question Sets.
This “How To” guide outlines how you can set up and use Question Sets… 
Where will I find and select Question Sets?

Question Sets are available via the Question Sets menu on the Home Ribbon:
• Switch to the Home Ribbon
• Click Question Sets to show the Question Sets Menu
• Select a Question Set
The selected Question Set will be loaded into the Question Set Task Pane on the left hand side of the screen Question Sets
How Do I Create My Own Custom Question Sets?

Question Sets are created via the Edit Question Sets command on the Tools Ribbon: 


To create a new Question Set:
• Switch to the Tools Ribbon
• Click Edit Questions Sets
• Click the New Question Set icon
• Enter a name for the Question Set, or select an Existing Question Set on which to base yours
• Click Create

Once your Question Set has been created, you can begin adding or editing Questions…
To add or edit Questions:
• Switch to the Tools Ribbon
• Click Edit Question Sets
• Select the Question set to edit by selecting it from the left panel
• Select a Question to edit or select the Set title to add a new Question, then use the Edit Question, Delete Question or Add Questions icons
• Click Save to finish editing

How Do I View Custom Question Sets: 

 To view your Custom Question Sets:
• Switch to the Home Ribbon
• Click Question Sets to view the Question Set menu
• Select from the Custom Question Sets sub-menu (as opposed to “Installed”)
• Select a Question Set to view
The selected Question Set will be loaded into the Question set panel of the Task Pane


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