Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Branch Properties Can Be Formatted and User-Defined

Map Branch properties can be formatted and user-defined to suit individual needs and to add colour and various properties to any/all branches. This provides visual enhancement, highlights areas of importance and enhances  learning experiences, among other benefits.  These properties include:
• Font properties
• Branch Shapes
• Fill colour
• Branch Connectors
• Auto Colour
• Branch Spacing
• Copying and Pasting Branch Styles


Where Can I Find the Branch Format Functions?

The formatting functions are located on the Format ribbon.

Font properties of branches are changed via the Font command group on the Format Ribbon. This includes Font type, size, foreground and background colour.
(Multi-select should be used to change the properties within multiple branches)
Branch shape and Fill colour can be customized through the Branch Appearance command group.
(From the Branch Shape tab of the Branch Appearance dialog you can change: Branch Shape; Line Style; Line Width; Fill Colour and Boundary Colour).
In MindGenius colour can be used to enhance the meaning of a map as well as to help it look good. Colour, for instance, can be used to code or categorize a map after a brainstorming session, to make a particular part of the map stand out or to create an association to aid memory.
Branch connector type and styles for the whole map are set via the Connector Type menu on the Format Ribbon.
Auto-colour is used to highlight each thought-path in your map by assigning a different colour to each Level 1 branch.
Auto Colour is turned on and off via the Auto Colour toggle command on the Format ribbon.

The spacing MindGenius places between child branches and their parent and between sibling branches can be adjusted. The horizontal or vertical space between branches can be increased or decreased.

To adjust Branch spacing:

• Ctrl+Shift + Up Arrow will increase vertical spacing
• Ctrl+Shift+Down Arrow will decrease vertical spacing
• Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow will decrease horizontal spacing
• Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow will increase horizontal spacing

The style of a branch can be copied and applied on to other branches in your map. Branch styles are pasted via the Paste Style command on the Home Ribbon.



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