Monday, 14 July 2014

How to Assign Resources to Branches…

This “How To” guide outlines how you can assign Resources to branches (e.g. for actions or tasks) via the “Task” Ribbon.

To assign a Resource to a Branch:

• Select the Branch you want to assign a Resource to
• Click the Resource from the Resource Gallery (You can open or scroll the gallery to see more Resources)
As Resources are assigned they are pinned to the top of the Resource Gallery and given a red icon. These are Resources used in the map and make it easier for you to assign or unassign them without having to spend time trying to find them.

As Resources are assigned, their initials are shown within the Branch (bottom-left corner). Hover the mouse over the initials to see full name.
Using the Dropper tool: 
The Dropper tool is available on the Tasks ribbon and can be used to “pick” and “drop” Resources onto Branches … 
• Switch to the Tasks ribbon
• Select the Dropper Tool
• Pick one or more Resources from the Resource Gallery
• Click one or more Branches to assign the picked Resources

To exit Dropper mode, re-select the dropper Tool from the Ribbon or press the Esc key.

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