Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Did you know...MindGenius provide Training & Consultancy Services

At MindGenius we could easily just sell you a software package, leave you to it and hope that you start using it to take advantage of its functions and features as soon as possible.
However, with many years of experience with a diverse range of global customers, we believe that proper adoption of MindGenius is mainly about users fully understanding and appreciating what MindGenius is all about and how to apply it in their day-to-day activities to enhance their productivity and efficiency.

Proper adoption is the only way that ensures individuals and organisations are getting the most out of MindGenius and are therefore accruing meaningful productivity benefits and tangible ROI.

Having successfully helped thousands of individual, teams and organisations around the world successfully adopt MindGenius, we have the experience, knowledge, expertise and a range of resources to help you do the same.

We offer a range of client development services to support MindGenius users in the use and adoption of MindGenius. We provide a range of online and onsite training offerings and consultancy assignments.
Our website provides details of our main offerings:
We can tailor any training or consultancy packages to your specific requirements.

• Have you activated your MindGenius licences yet?
• Are all your licences allocated and in proper use?
• Can you and/or your MindGenius users apply MindGenius effectively in your day-to-day activities and tasks?
• Are you aware of the key functionality of MindGenius and how you can apply that to a range of tasks and activities? e.g. effective meetings; task allocation and management; project planning, scheduling and management; brainstorming sessions; problem solving; strategic and personal objectives…etc…etc…
• Are you realising the full benefits of MindGenius as a productivity tool and getting optimum ROI?

If you feel you, your team, or other MindGenius users could do with a helping hand to get more out of MindGenius and get better users truly adopting MindGenius as a productivity tool, simply contact us at info@mindgenius.com to arrange a call to discuss your requirements.

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