Thursday, 22 May 2014

How to... Export Tasks to, and Synchronise with, MS Outlook…

Branches can have their Task properties synchronised between MindGenius and MS Outlook.
Where will I find this MS Outlook sync function?

Tasks are sent to MS Outlook via the Outlook Tasks menu on the Tasks Ribbon


How best can I use the MS Outlook function?
To send tasks to MS Outlook:
• Switch to the Tasks Ribbon
• Select one or more Branches to send to MS Outlook as Tasks (branches assigned to other users will be sent to their Task Lists)
• Click Outlook Tasks to open Outlook Tasks menu, then select “Send Selection to Outlook As Tasks”

On sending a Task to MS Outlook, a blue MS Outlook icon appears on the relevant Branch(es)
Task reminders are automatically set for all Tasks sent to MS Outlook.  The reminder is in the form of an email to the Task Owner.
The Start Date of a Task is used as the reminder date and 9am as the reminder time.
(Note: If the Start date of Tasks linked with MS Outlook is before or equal to today, no reminder will be set. Reminders will only be set for Tasks whose Start Date is in the future).
The Task Owner also receives a Task in MS Outlook.

The Task appears in Task Owners MS Outlook “My Tasks” listing
Once a Task has been sent to MS Outlook the Map will automatically begin synchronising changes every 5 minutes or when the Map is opened.
You can choose to synchronize the Map manually at any time:
• Switch to Tasks Ribbon
• Click “Outlook Tasks” to open Outlook Tasks menu, then select whether to synchronize the selected Branches or the entire Map
When the Map is synchronized, changes you’ve made in the Map are “pushed” to MS Outlook, while any changes made in MS Outlook (e.g. Task status/progress) are “pulled” to MindGenius.
When a Map is synchronized, any updates or changes to Task properties (e.g. status or progress) are updated in the Task Schedule area of the Tasks Ribbon.

To unlink Tasks form MS Outlook, switch to the Tasks Ribbon; select one or more Branches to unlink; Click “Outlook Tasks” to open Outlook Tasks menu, then select “Unlink Selection from Outlook”.
(Note: Unlinking Branches does not remove them from the MS Outlook Task List – unwanted Tasks should be removed manually from MS Outlook


Anonymous said...

How does MindGenius track changes that are made to the task dates/times in Outlook? We ran a trial on date changing in Outlook to see if it 'return sync'd' but the change of dates did not reflect in the Gantt chart.

Anonymous said...

Great addition for working in multiple environments

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