Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Did you Know... You Can Link Documents and URLs to Map Branches

The MindGenius “Attachments” function...

  • From any Branch, create a link to any document on your PC or Network
  • Link to MS Word documents, MS Excel spreadsheets, other Maps, audio files, etc
  • From any Branch, create a hyperlink to a URL
  • Link as many documents and hyperlinks/URLs as you wish to any Branch
  • Once links have been created, can be quickly accessed by mouse-over / click on icon
  • Useful feature for knowledge gathering and research
  • Many uses and benefits when instant access to related information is required
  • Improves organisation, document access and overall efficiency

Where can I find this function?

  • Attachment functions for both Hyperlinks/URLs and general Attachments can be found on the “Insert” Ribbon – right-hand side “Attachment” area.
  • Clicking on the “Hyperlink” option opens an “Add Hyperlink” dialogue – insert or copy/paste the URL into the “Hyperlink Address” field.
  • Clicking on the “Attachment” option opens an “Add Attachment” dialogue – simply use the “browse” function (yellow folder icon, bottom-right) to browse your folders/files and double click to submit the relevant file-path into the “Attachment Name” field.
  • These actions will result in attachment / hyperlinks icons to appear on the relevant Branches
  • (multiple attachments / hyperlinks are indicated by “paper clips” icons)

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