Tuesday, 18 March 2014

How to... use Categories

What are Categories?

Categories can be applied to map branches.  Categories can have an associated icon. Icons are used to easily and quickly differentiate between different categories.

Categories allow you to visually group or track branches at a glance and quickly analyse and understand the mapped information. Once Categories have been assigned you can sort and filter the map based on these categories.

Categories can be applied for many purposes; helping get clarity on ideas captured during a brainstorm session, reviewing documentation, identifying priorities / severities / risk, to indicate project status, to reach and indicate decisions, etc.

Combined with the analysis tools at your disposal for filtering and viewing your data, Categories bring a whole new dimension to your business mapping.

Where will I find Categories?

Categories are contained in the “Categories" part of the Analyze Ribbon.

How best can I use Categories?

MindGenius Category Gallery contains pre-installed Category Sets (e.g. Brainstorming grouping; Impact Analysis; Decision making, Performance review, Risk….and more….

Choose “More Categories” within the Gallery to reveal available Category Sets and to be able to add any to the Gallery.

Assign Categories to a map by selecting a Branch or Branches and simply click on the Category Icon you want to assign. This places the Category icon on to the selected Branch.

The Category Dropper tool allows you to “pick up” any Category and assign them quickly to map Branches.

You can create your own Categories or rename the pre-installed MindGenius sets.

Filtering your Map helps you to gain clarity by highlighting Branches that match criteria you set or hiding those that don’t.
Analyze and view only the relevant information. 
Quick filter – one-click filtering of currently used categories.
Hide non-matching branches.

Category Map - provides an alternative view of your information – automatically creates an affinity diagram based on the applied map Categories – a different perspective and leading to more informed decision-making.  

Data Sort – Sort and organize the map branches by: Due Date, Priority, Status..etc…

What are the benefits of using Categories?

  • Apply to visually group  and / or filter mapped information
  • Provides clarity on mapped information
  • Visual representation of many factors
  • Helps with prioritisation and decision-making
  • Saves time in interpreting information


Anonymous said...

Taking time to think through the best categories for a map increases the value of the map exponentially. Using categories you discover you have been sowing the seeds of all the insights you'll find when you start to analyse your map. Probably the most important part of mind-mapping and MindGenius makes them so easy to create and to use.

Anonymous said...

I've just managed to make a comment (see above) but almost gave up because of the illegibility of the anti-robot test: the first "word" was virtually unreadable and when I asked for them to be read, the voice read what were apparently numbers read by a giraffe with a sore throat who had been drinking Guinness with whisky chasers or vice versa, on the point of collapse. I wonder how many comments you lose because of this awful test.

MindGenius said...

Thanks for the comment. It's great to hear you find value in the categories.

Perhaps the Giraffe celebrated St Patrick's day a bit too much ;). Unfortunately we don't assign specific anti robot tests. It's very much built into Blogger and the system automatically assigns words or numbers to prevent spam. I find hitting refresh to conjure up new words or numbers until they are legible works.

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