Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Did you know...MindGenius integrates with MS Outlook.

The MindGenius integration with MS Outlook...

  • Branches can have their task properties synchronised between MindGenius and MS Outlook
  • Map your Actions / Tasks (the “What”)
  • Use task scheduling to schedule due dates (the “When”)
  • Direct distribution of Actions / Tasks to MS Outlook
  • “Send selection” distribution sends email notification to task owner(s)
  • Synchronise with MS Outlook for live Task progress updates (manual or automated)
  • Two-way synchronisation updates Task Status and % complete
  • Icons indicate branches in-synch and task progress status
  • Improves task management and the way meetings are performed and managed

Where can I find this function?

Tasks are sent to MS Outlook via the Outlook Tasks menu on the Tasks ribbon.

Go to the Tasks Ribbon.
Select one or more branches to send to MS Outlook as tasks.
Click Outlook Tasks to open the Outlook Tasks menu, select “Send Selection to Outlook as tasks”.

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