Monday, 17 February 2014

“Did You Know?”

Welcome to the first of our new “Did You Know?” Newsletter articles.

This is the first of a regular series of informative, practical “bite-size” articles covering important MindGenius features and highlighting application and use.

Did You Know That...

MindGenius has an integrated Gantt View.

The MindGenius Gantt view...
  • Automatically creates a Gantt chart from your maps with no need for re-typing
  • Not an export – fully integrated within MindGenius  (there is an export to MS Project option)
  • Assign resources, dates and estimates of duration, etc
  • Sequence the project activities and add task dependencies and constraints
  • Identify and allocate project milestones and critical path
  • Manage under / over allocation of resources
  • Automatically create professional, comprehensive reports from map data
  • No need for other tools – from planning to scheduling, through to delivery!

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