Tuesday, 14 January 2014

St Omer Management use MindGenius to Project Plan Legislative Requirements

St Omer Residential Home is based in Torquay, Devon and was established as a Care Home in 1983. Care Homes must comply with the Care Standards Act and their staff must be up-to-date with all the latest best practice and training.

In the summer of 2010 St Omer invested in MindGenius to support staff who were undertaking their National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ’s). The staff continue to use MindGenius when undertaking formal and informal training and continue to reap the many benefits.

Following the successes achieved by the staff, the management team started to use MindGenius to support the management functions of the business.

Over the past three to four years St Omer have been managing in what can best be described as a rapidly changing, competitive and somewhat hostile environment.

Since 2009 they have been inundated with a constant flow of statutory changes and requirements; and have had to react in a fleet footed and imaginative way to many of these new challenges.

In many cases St Omer have been responding to legislative changes, and as many will appreciate these legislative changes are often completely opaque and require considerable analysis; firstly to understand what the legislation is trying to actually achieve in the first place and secondly what needs to be implemented to meet those changes and challenges.

In late 2010 Ian Day, the owner of St Omer decided to further extend the use of MindGenius to help implement those legislative changes. Traditionally they would have treated each legislative change as a discrete project in its own right and managed the implementation with MS Project. 

Ian’s decision came about because his background was project and programme management in, typically, FTSE 100 sized companies.

Ian had realised some time before that while MS Project is ideal for creating a WBS, identifying Milestones and Resources and capturing progress, MindGenius was better suited to capturing and communicate ideas as well as reflecting a dynamically changing situation. The project related to the Mental Capacity Act 2005, a hot topic in Social Care and with our regulator the Care Quality Commission.

Pre-project plan map of legislative requirements
(Click to enlarge)

Ian states:
 “It is rare in SME’s that you have the time, resources and on occasions the expertise, to operate a classic project lifecycle. Rightly or wrongly you often start work without a clear or fully formed idea of ultimate goal or deliverable. What you often know is that ‘the destination lies somewhere over there and looks something like this’.  These somewhat intangible concepts still need to be wrapped up within a structure that is manageable and explainable to all involved in the project; and this is where I have found MindGenius comes into its own.

MindGenius enables you to capture what might start off to be a somewhat nebulous concept of an end point and gradually peel away the layers without the tool getting in the way of the process, yet maintaining a structure and communication vehicle at the same time”.

(For more information on St Omer Residential Home, please visit: http://www.st-omer.org)

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