Thursday, 12 December 2013

Management Consultant Uses MindGenius to Design Intelligent Business Software

Niall Strickland has been using MindGenius for more than 15 years and it consistently forms part of his toolkit for helping medium and small companies to improve their business performance. Not content with successfully using MindGenius within his business to deliver value to his clients, Niall continues to push out the boundaries in relation to how he can create value from MindGenius. 

About 18 months ago, Niall effectively used MindGenius to design new and highly innovative expert system software, which can be used by businesses to carry out a detailed health check on their business. 

Niall says “MindGenius was not only the catalyst for capturing the core idea behind the software design, but was also the tool used for creating the functional and technical specifications for the software”. Instead of providing the software development team in Germany with long text documents, Niall instead provided it with structured MindMaps that captured the very essence of what he was trying to create. “This worked exceptionally well,” according to Niall. “It not only set out the business case for the software product, identified its target market and delivery channels, but also gave the development team all it needed in order to create this state of the art business software product.” A collapsed version of his initial software design MindMap is shown below. 

Niall's initial software design map 

Niall believes that there are simply no limits to the application of MindGenius within both business and the education sector and he actively encourages his extended network to adopt it as the mind-mapping tool of choice. 

Niall has put together a video on how he and Tammy use MindGenius and "The Many Benefits of Using MindGenius MindMapping in Your Business." View the video here.

Screenshot of "How'sMyBusinessDoing"

“HowsMyBusinessDoing?”, does a detailed analysis of any business across 28 key measurement areas and automatically generates a 50+ page report which helps the business owners or managers to identify and focus on key areas of their business requiring attention. Business owners simply need to complete a confidential online survey about their business, which takes about 90 minutes, and the intelligent software engine automatically provides detailed feedback on what is working in the business and what is not. 

“HowsMyBusinessDoing effectively replaces the need to employ a management consultant to assess how your business is performing and all for less than $500,” according to Niall Strickland. "From a value standpoint, it is a tiny investment for a huge return." 

For more information on “How’sMyBusinessDoing?” click here, or here

Niall has also introduced MindGenius to his teenage daughter, Tammy, who has used it to generate tens of thousands of Euro from selling her MindMaps to secondary school students in Ireland

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