Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Short and Cost Effective Meetings Training with MindGenius

Take a bite out of MindGenius… With the first of our bite sized courses…MindGenius for Effective Meetings 

We all have to attend them and most of us could do with a technique to improve the output and success of meetings and if you are interested in your meetings being more effective and productive, this could be the course for you. 

Perhaps you've tried to use MindGenius in this scenario and weren't sure on the best way to do this, or perhaps you've never considered this use before. Used correctly, MindGenius helps bring clarity and focus to meetings, right from the planning stage through to execution, follow-up and close-out. 

Our short 30 minute online course, hosted by Head of Client Development Jamie Macdonald, will take you through the basics of using MindGenius to improve communication and collaboration, and ensure you are driving your tasks and projects forward with more effective meetings and costs just £50/€60/$80* per session. 

The first session is scheduled for Wednesday 27th November at 16:00 GMT +1, 11:00 EST

Let MindGenius be the catalyst for saving time, being more focussed, productive and enabling an action-centred approach for meeting management.

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*VAT where applicable


Anonymous said...

We recieved our copies (5) of MG as an add on to our purchase of Q-Pulse 5. Q-Pulse training is included. If MG was the same we'd jump right in, but cost is paramount to any decission.

MindGenius said...

Hi, your Gael Consultant will use MindGenius extensively during the delivery of the Q-Pulse services that you have purchased, they will also help you with the use of MindGenius to make sure implementation goes smoothly.

The training we are offering here is intended to help users extend their use of MindGenius to other business uses they may not have previously considered and this particular session will cover how to apply MindGenius to improve meetings, from planning right through to close-out. It’s a short, cost effective session at £50 for half an hour per attendee, well worth a look. All attendees will also receive a recording of the webinar.

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