Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Mind Mapping the Path to Success – Dave Patrishkoff’s Story

David Patrishkoff is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt with highly successful Senior Executive experiences at large multi-national companies. He is currently President of his training and consulting company, E3 Extreme Enterprise Efficiency® LLC, which he founded in 2001. Dave became interested in mind mapping in 1992 and since then has gone on to use it for almost every aspect of his personal and business life.

So much so that Dave has recently put together a course to help people create their own Strategy for Success that can apply to personal life, careers and business, most of which is conducted using mind mapping software. His first class will be run from September 23-27, 2013 in Orlando, Florida. Using mind mapping software can help manage information overload, create high speed research reports on any topic and pursue personal, career and business goals with more confidence, skill and competitive-edge.

Why Mind Mapping software is used

Tree Charts / Mind Maps have been used as far back as 300 AD in the field of philosophy and logic. Since then, they have been used for countless other applications including information displays, family-tree displays, evolution tree charts, organizational charts, brainstorming, root cause analysis, decision trees, fault-tree analysis, vision / policy deployment, logic landscaping, troubleshooting tree diagrams, etc.

In the late 1950s, many companies in Japan started using unique tree charting techniques, which they called "Hoshin Kanri" or "Hoshin Planning". This was more than just a simple tree chart; it was a new disciplined management philosophy that drove breakthrough quality improvements, problem solving successes, project planning / tracking excellence and company transformations. Hoshin Planning is one of Japan's 7 designated tools of management. A survey of successful companies there showed that all of them use this Hoshin Planning / Tree Diagram technique. In summary, this tree charting technique was at the center of the most successful quality revolution the world has ever seen, centered in Japan.

The phrase "Mind Mapping" was coined in the 1970s as a modern term for logical tree charting. It is a phrase that elicits individuals to graphically map the tiered levels of thoughts, ideas and information hidden in their minds and in the minds of others. Mind Mapping is a technique that can offer profound insights and provide very meaningful and useful results which is why Dave believes it is the right tool to base his course around.

To find out more on this course, contact David Patrishkoff. His course summary can be viewed at this link.

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