Tuesday, 4 June 2013

MindGenius 5 Now Released

MindGenius Ltd has now released Version 5 of its leading mind mapping software, the new release dramatically improves the already strong task and project management capabilities and will help users collaborate and communicate better on projects, strategy, brainstorming and meetings.

Improvements in task management include direct distribution of actions in a map to MS Outlook tasks. This feature along with automatic synchronisation with MS Outlook when tasks are updated in either application will help improve meetings and productivity and offer managers more visibility on when actions have been completed by the team and improve opportunities to use the map collaboratively.

There have also been key updates to MindGenius’ project management capabilities including a new look Gantt chart, constraints indicator, Resource levelling chart to help identify over and under allocation of project resources and the ability to collate project data by automatically creating presentation quality project reports from map data. This will help keep stakeholders properly informed about project progress and ensure teams have clear visibility on the state of the project, and projects are on track to be delivered on time.

The new Comment and Review feature has been added to encourage greater collaboration on projects, and assist with document authoring, brainstorming and meetings. Comment and Review mode enables maps to be shared and changes and comments to be tracked and reviewed.

On top of these major new features, MindGenius 5 offers new look map styles with a more compact layout and easier to read branches, making the mapping process more engaging during presentations, brainstorming sessions, and meetings. Along with this, easy to access help and templates will help ensure MindGenius remains the most intuitive and easiest to adopt mapping tool.

Derek Jack, Director of MindGenius believes that the latest release will reinforce MindGenius reputation as the business choice for mind mapping software:

“At MindGenius we have always focused on providing people with an effective way to capture and use the information they gather at Brainstorming and Planning sessions. We provide the tools that enable them to use that information quickly and help them deliver projects more productively.

As always we’ve listened to what our users need to help them get even more from the product and I believe we have delivered that. MindGenius has always been a strong brainstorming and planning tool, and now delivers comprehensive task and project management capability. I am excited to see the impact that it will have with both our existing users and people new to mapping.”

Find out more about new features and functionality, or download a free 30 day trial now from www.mindgenius.com.

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Bob Baxter said...

Great news! Looking forward to trying out the new functions!

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