Thursday, 24 January 2013

Meeting Management and How MindGenius Helps

Effective meeting management is ensuring you get the best out of every meeting you hold. Meeting management should focus on making better use of time, moving projects forward, learning from previous mistakes and take these learning’s forward. Successful meetings are a useful way of exchanging information, reaching decisions and assigning actions to achieve desired outcomes.

Ineffective meetings can use up critical resources, deplete organisational energy and affect employee morale. Meetings are at risk of not being productive to both the individuals and organisation due to various reasons. These are;

 •Poor preparation
 •No agenda
 •No time management
 •Lack of actions

In order to be effective, meetings should have a clearly defined purpose and prior to the meeting it is important to identify the meeting objectives, deliverables, scope and aims.

The purpose of the meeting should help determine the appropriate format. Regardless of meeting purpose and format, MindGenius and mind mapping software can help. In an activity status meeting, it is essential to track the progress of a project, MindGenius can help you track actions and their progress. Take a look at this template and sample map.

Monthly Sales Meeting Agenda

Review meetings or Retrospectives are held at the end of a project's lifecycle or at various regular intervals and aim to identify and analyse what went well and what did not. MindGenius can help keep these sessions fresh, and achieve valuable clarity and insight by helping the facilitator to unearth all relevant information from the participants and keep the meeting streamlined.

ISMS Management reviews are essential for monitoring and measurement of processes. MindGenius can be used within a management review to help capture and identify key processes as well as helping to recognize the objectives for the processes. They should also be used to identify ways to drive continuous improvement. Take a look at this template for ISMS Review.

It does not matter what format of meeting you are running, they can be both as complex as the ISMS Review map or as simple as this Project Retrospective map. Irrespective of the type of meeting you will likely need to undertake some preparation. If you’re not sure if you’ve prepared fully, take a look at our meetings checklist

Meeting Preparation Checklist

Once you have decided the purpose of the meeting and understand what type of meeting is being held, the next step for the facilitator is to develop the agenda for the meeting. MindGenius allows you to generate an agenda prior to the meeting. By using the agenda map you should be able to follow a definite structure. During the meeting, capture and explore ideas easily and use the agenda map as a control mechanism. Using MindGenius, you can work with the attendees to achieve true collaboration on the information discussed and gain clarity and understanding on the topic at hand.

It’s easy to become stuck in a rut with the way meetings are managed in an organisation. Mind mapping software can transform the way meetings are run, allows attendees to leave the meeting with a clear understanding of what was achieved and what needs to be done next. Running meetings in conjunction with MindGenius allows the facilitator and attendees to prepare effectively for the meeting and for the facilitator to create an agenda to help structure the meeting, bring focus and control to the session and keep it on track.

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