Tuesday, 25 September 2012

MindGenius Perpetual Licensing

In these tough economic times, MindGenius is committed to being a cost effective mind mapping software solution for businesses, individuals and those in education.

Our pricing model remains perpetual which means there are no costly monthly subscription fees.

Our list price is highly competitive, particularly given the amount of business focused functionality in MindGenius. For information on pricing visit our website.

MindGenius can also import other mind mapping files meaning you can easily use maps created in other tools* in MindGenius.

The 30 day free trial is fully functional and no credit card is required to access the download.

Download a 30 day free trial now.

* MindGenius can currently import MindManager files

E3 & MindGenius Partnership  

MindGenius Ltd and E3 Extreme Enterprise Efficiency are pleased to announce a strategic partnership between their two companies.

E3 is a worldwide business training and consulting firm founded in 2001. They are based in Florida, USA. E3 has helped companies in over 55 different industries worldwide to solve their most serious problems through management and employee training, coaching and empowering highly focused teams.

E3 specializes in adding fun and smiles to business improvement efforts, which can dramatically increase the engagement levels of employees. This technique is also known as Gamification. E3 incorporates Six Sigma, Lean and their own Enterprise-Wide Change-Management techniques to help transform ordinary organizations to the extraordinary. Their specialty is the high speed resolution of high profile, "Mission Impossible" million dollar-plus issues, without laying off employees.

The purpose of this partnership is to integrate the advantages of MindGenius software in E3's new Business Transformation War Games™ (aka: BT War Games) Change-Management methodology, which drives enterprise-wide efficiency, innovation and productivity improvements. E3 chose MindGenius software for its user-friendliness, unique ability to enhance group brainstorming events, flexibility, integrate graphics, hyperlinks, assessment scores and key project metrics into Mind Maps.

BT War Games integrates Gamification techniques in business improvement efforts to couple serious business improvement efforts with fun and smiles. This has been proven to help create paradigm shifts, expose taboo-talk rules and diplomatically expose deeply imbedded cultural inefficiencies. BT War Games drives organizational culture change aimed at addressing undisciplined MBAs (Management Behaviors and Attitudes), inefficient work habits and everything in-between.

E3 mapped out the entire required transformation journey for organizations using MindGenius Software. All of the required efforts to prepare, practice, plan and actually implement an entire organizational transformation has been mapped out and documented on mind map templates. After training in BT War Game Techniques, clients can use the templates to drive enterprise improvement for an entire business or one department or key business process at a time.

E3's Business Transformation War Games™ uses a unique deck of cards in many ways. These cards highlight the 54 organizational flaws that keep repeating themselves throughout history. David Patrishkoff, President of E3, discovered and categorized these 54 inefficiencies during his multi-year research.

These 54 flaws can be sorted into 5 major elements of Cascade effects, which are called Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks and Jokers based on their destructive power within an organization (See illustration below). These 5 elements of Cascade Effects Analysis seeks to identify the work environment, cultural and management behaviors and attitudes, which contribute to business issues. When the rank, number and intensity level of the 54 inefficiencies in business and government reaches a certain critical mass, they create destructive Cascade Effects that can explain all major business and government failures and disasters, past present and future. E3 uses Cascade Effect Analysis to supplement advanced root cause analysis techniques like correlation and regression analysis.

Some examples of how E3 is using MindGenius software to create Mind Maps are shown below. This first illustration shows the top level 3-point BT War Games methodology, which is mapped out at several branch levels in the software.
The next illustration shows just some of the many branches on the E3 Mind Maps, which incorporates illustrations, assessment scores, action plans, scheduling and resource details and much more. The auto-formatting mode of the MindGenius software allows E3 to focus on the required details and planning of the work to be done and not worry about formatting issues, which could take up large amounts of time for complex projects.
David Patrishkoff, President, E3 Extreme Enterprise Efficiency said:
"E3 is very pleased to have partnered with MindGenius. The partnership allows us to expand our dedication to high quality and enlightening graphical displays, brainstorming techniques and the resolution of complicated problems with the use of science, information analysis, data analysis and user-friendly software. This effort helps us to draw fast and accurate conclusions for our clients and solve their most difficult problems with the least amount of effort. MindGenius truly helps us to work smarter and not harder."

E3’s most popular consulting and training services are based on Lean Manufacturing, Lean Office, Kaizen event facilitation, Lean Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma and advanced innovation techniques. Visit the E3 website at www.eeefficiency.com to read more on their doing-it-right the first time consulting, training, problem solving and total company optimization services.

Register for a Free Skills Workshop

For the last two month’s MindGenius have been running free online Skills Workshops for all of our maintenance paying customers.

The webinar sessions offer free training on MindGenius on a variety of topics and the opportunity to ask our Product Expert any questions you may have and are designed to ensure you continue to get value from your investment in our products and services. September’s session takes place on the 26th at 4pm, GMT, 11am EDT and is on Brainstorming with MindGenius, looking specifically at mapping techniques to aid brainstorming, and using the inbuilt MindGenius Brainstorm mode. This will enable brainstorming to become an effective, every day technique in your organisation.

The sessions will be hosted by Jamie MacDonald, Head of Client Development, a highly experienced trainer, facilitator and coach who has over 20 years experience in training, development and business improvement.

Here’s the schedule for the following months:
Tasks and Actions with MindGenius, 17th October 4pm:
• Mapping Tasks and Actions
• Prioritising
• Allocating Task Ownership
• Monitoring and Managing Tasks and Actions

Project Planning with MindGenius, 14th November 4pm
• Mapping Work Breakdown Structures/ Project Stages
• Tasks and Activities
• Allocating ownership
• Scheduling a Project
• Integrated Gantt View

Presentations with MindGenius, 12th December 4pm
• Planning a Presentation
• Using MindGenius to present
• Exporting to PowerPoint
• Presentation Mode

The sessions last for no more than an hour. Maintenance paying customers can register now by contacting us at webinar@mindgenius.com.

If you have any ideas on topics you would like to see us cover in the Skills workshops, let us know in the comments below.

20% discount on MindGenius with CPD

New MindGenius Partner Continuing Professional Development, are offering a 20% discount on MindGenius Mind Mapping Software when you register and purchase one of their online courses.

Continuing Professional Development was created to deliver practical online CPD courses that are engaging, interactive and relevant and courses include:
  • Defining Project Goals and Objectives Course
  • Stakeholder Identification and Analysis Course
  • Project Management Essentials – Part 1
  • Risk Management Course
  • Communications Planning Course
  • Work Breakdown Structure (coming soon)
  • Project Work Schedule (coming soon)
Vivian Kloosterman, CPD, said: “Our own experience with MindGenius Mind Mapping Software shows that it is particularly relevant to many of our courses and we are happy to offer this discount to enable our customers to experience the benefits of MindGenius for themselves."

Visit their site now to find out more on this special offer.