Monday, 20 August 2012

Join our Mind Mapping in Business LinkedIn Group

MindGenius have launched a new group, Mind Mapping in Business, on the social network, Linkedin. This group is for professionals who are actively or considering using mind mapping software in business.

We understand the importance of maintaining communication with our users and are constantly looking for more interactive ways to keep in touch. This group offers another opportunity for our users to submit feedback, share tips and provide success stories with other professionals who are focused on utilizing mind mapping software to improve productivity, internal & external communication and all other aspects of business.

Join the Mind Mapping in Business group now.

If you do not have a Linkedin profile you can sign up for free via this link

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Brian James said...

I look forward to joining a business focused group on mind mapping that discusses real uses rather than formatting or different layouts. Hopefully there will be the chance to get an idea of what others are using MindGenius for via example maps.

MindGenius said...

Thanks Brian, hope to see you joining in discussions at the group soon.

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