Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Management Review using MindGenius

The purpose of a Management Review is to assess how well processes and/or management systems are performing to ensure that they continue to be fit for purpose and to identify opportunities to improve the processes/management systems being reviewed.

As such it is good working practice for organisations to carry out regular Management Reviews. It is also a requirement placed on many organisations by their regulators and/or the standards to which they seek to comply with.

Unfortunately some organisations perform management reviews just because they have to. They need to tick a box. What they don't realise is that they are missing a great opportunity to stand back, assess the current effectiveness of their processes and management systems and initiate focused improvement which will benefit the organisation, its customers and stakeholders, and its staff.

MindGenius is ideal for organising, performing and recording the outcomes from a management review. It can provide the framework for the management review, the 'skeleton' on which all of the information, discussion points, suggestions, decisions and agreed actions from the management review can be attached. It provides a map of the whole proceedings and once completed, provides a valuable record of what happened and the outcomes from the management review.

It is important that the management review is comprehensive in what it addresses. The agenda sets out the areas to be covered the sequence in which they should be reviewed.

In each area for review, the parent branch can be expanded to reveal the evidence available for review and the questions that the reviewers should be asking to help them ascertain the health of the area under review, identify areas for improvement and to make recommendations for improvement.

Raw data on which the management review is to be based can be attached to the appropriate branch within the map. The map should be made available to the attendees prior to the management review so that they can adequately prepare for the meeting and the management review can be more focused on agreeing areas of weakness and appropriate corrective and preventive actions.

The ‘Minutes’ parent branch provides the structure to be followed to generate the minutes of the management review. Most of the information can be copied and pasted from the information recorded during the reviews of the individual agenda items.

The minutes section can be generated quickly and agreement reached with the participants at the meeting. The management review map can be stored and sent electronically to the management review attendees so that it is available to them when they return to their desks and they can immediately make a start on any actions assigned to them.

You might want to consider creating a new map for the next management review and allow the attendees access to start to add raw data to the appropriate branches as and when such information becomes available. For example if a customer makes a specific comment then this could be added. In this way the map builds up over time so there is no last minute scurry to pull the information together and it is less likely that items will be missed. If raw data is being collated on an ongoing basis from other systems in your organisation then you can provide a link to this information to access the up-to-date information. This ‘real time’ aspect of the map generation can provide an indication if an earlier management review is required, as the normal period between management reviews is not judged to be appropriate in this instance, and gives management an opportunity to act in a more timely manner.

I hope this gives you some ideas on how you might use MindGenius to help you to have more effective and beneficial management reviews. As ever, if you have any questions or queries, ask Gordon.


Colin Morrison said...

Thanks Gordon, another interesting look at a different process where MindGenius can be applied. All too often people don't see how important management review can be and the benefits it can reap.

Anonymous said...

This is excellent - thank you. As an airport we are required to have a Safety Management System that includes Management Review activities - this will help us immensely!

MindGenius said...

Hi Currie, glad the article was useful for you. Let me know if the maps would help and I can arrange to send them to you.

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