Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Tips & Tools to Manage Information Overload

Our Australian partner MindWerx have put together their top tips and tools to manage information overload:

Information Overload, described as “an excess of information that results in an inability to concentrate on tasks and stay focused,” is a massive problem in the 21st Century, costing an estimated $900 Billion dollars each year in the USA alone.

Every day, people are confronted by vast amounts of new information flowing towards them from a multitude of sources. Almost everyone feels overwhelmed at some point when trying to absorb, understand and apply this new information. The impact on individuals varies from simple time wasting to serious health problems, while for organisations the effect is compounded into a massive loss of productivity.

The key to sustainable high performance is to be strategic with your time and develop deliberate habits that constantly move you towards your goals.

Here’s an overview of the Ten Tips and Tools to help you Manage Information Overload:

  1. Visualise where you want to be
  2. Reduce multi-tasking
  3. Create knowledge files
  4. Improve your reading skills
  5. Only check email twice a day, use filters and folders
  6. Use mind maps to take and make notes
  7. Be more effective in meetings
  8. Improve your memory
  9. Embrace iBrain technologies to increase digital literacy
  10. Be strategic with social networking
Download the full article for an explanation of each tip and an extra bonus tip.

Using MindGenius for Food Safety Management

Dr Jo Head is a Consultant and Chair of the Food Safety Forum and she recently chaired the Leatherhead Food Safety Day on the 31st May and delivered a presentation on "Joining The Pieces - Towards Food Safety Intelligence” and put together a white paper on “Food Safety Revolution not Evolution.”

Dr Head outlined how smarter tools are currently available that can be potentially adopted within platforms of continuous collective industry improvements and believes any thoughts of food safety as a competitive advantage should be left behind.

She also introduced the idea of Xpert-Ease, Dr Head's brainchild which provides the opportunity to join the available pieces of the jigsaw into such a future-proof platform to better manage food safety and the threats against it.

One of the main parts of her white paper was a look at how Quorn™ engaged her to modernise food safety and quality management systems. Like many organisation's Quorn did have a good process in place to handle requirements but it was paper-based and led to duplication across different sites and a lack of visibility.

MindGenius was used to collate the pieces of the complex jigsaw from around the business and to develop a business system framework and vision to allow effective communication to internal stakeholders.

Dr Head believes MindGenius "was an invaluable tool in converting thoughts into actions at all levels, for identifying, managing and delivering an ambitious improvement challenge. The ability to export maps at the touch of a button to generate Gantt charts was especially valuable."

Click here to read Dr Head's full white paper, Food Safety Revolution not Evolution.

Click here to read the full presentation, Joining The Pieces - Towards Food Safety Intelligence.

20% off MindGenius for Colleges and Universities

For a limited time only, MindGenius are offering a 20% discount on the usual list price of a perpetual site licence.

MindGenius has been traditionally used in assisted learning, but now more than ever, MindGenius is being utilised across campus and beyond to:

• Manage IT (PRINCE2) projects
• Facilitate collaborative learning in class
• Help students with study, thesis planning, projects, etc.
• Use at home with staff and student take home licences

Here’s what some of our customers had to say:

“The MindGenius approach makes it much easier for students to understand complex topics. You avoid overwhelming the students with detail and provide a structure for their understanding.“
David Carson, Reader in Law and Behavioural Sciences, University of Portsmouth

“MindGenius is a valuable part of our project management toolkit. We use MindGenius for stakeholder maps, requirements gathering and just about any time when a visual representation of the project will help aid understanding.“
Head of Projects, UK University

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20% discount applies to the purchase of a perpetual licence.
Take home rights are available with the purchase of annual maintenance.
Offer is valid until 31st July.