Friday, 4 May 2012

Coming Soon – MindGenius for iPad

MindGenius are pleased to announce the upcoming release of MindGenius for iPad.

In creating the App we have gone to great lengths to ensure that we have retained the DNA of the MindGenius desktop application. Making sure that key features have been delivered on the iPad such as a ‘Type & Return’ equivalent to quickly add branches and of course our map explorer which is particularly relevant and useful on this platform.

MindGenius for iPad is now the only application that is 100% compatible with the MindGenius Desktop, maps can be exchanged with the desktop via email or Dropbox and all information will be retained.

MindGenius for iPad is ideal for taking notes in meetings and seminars, creating quick to do lists, and anywhere else you require a fast intuitive method to think things through. MindGenius for iPad can help you improve your personal productivity and is fully compatible with MindGenius for PC.


  • Simple gestures to add and move branches, allowing you to quickly capture and structure your thoughts.
  • Use Output Tree or Map diagram layouts.
  • Add multiple branches without interruption, initiate Add branch to access the keyboard then simply Type and select ‘+’ to add multiple branches. 
  • Includes the unique MindGenius Map Explorer which allows you to focus in on any branch in your map to expand and add more detail.
  • Pan mode, extends the navigation capability of the map explorer while browsing large maps.
  • 100% compatible with MindGenius desktop; Notes, categories, resources, pictures and action properties are all retained.
  • Send maps between the desktop and iPad using Dropbox integration or email.

After lengthy and extensive BETA testing, MindGenius for iPad will go live within the next couple of weeks. The application will be FREE to download from the Apple store, watch out for our release announcements soon!


GaelDonald said...

This is a no nonsense application that does most of the hard work for you - you don't need to spend time pulling branches here and there; you simply type and hit the + key to add a branch allowing you to capture quickly without breaking your flow.
It's brilliant - particularly when capturing and clarifying requirements in front of customers.

Mary Duggan said...

The iPad and MindGenius really play to each others' strengths. I have been impressed by the BETA version.

MindGenius said...

Thanks Mary, we are looking forward to the release. Personally I have been finding it ideal for taking notes in meetings.

Keith Slater said...

I still use a very early "Home" version of mind genius on my netbook for taking notes in meetings and an updated version would be great. Unfortunately I'm an android person rather than an apple one. Will thee be a version for me?

MindGenius said...

Hi Keith, good to hear from an original user of MindGenius. Unfortunately no Android versions planned at the moment but if this changes then we will keep everyone posted.

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