Monday, 16 January 2012

Maintenance Release 4.2 now available to download

MindGenius Ltd today announced the release of Version 4.2 of their mind mapping software, MindGenius. This release is free to all MindGenius Version 4 customers. Version 4.2 can be downloaded from

Responding to requests from our enterprise customers and project management community, we have also taken the opportunity to add some great new functionality to this release.

MindGenius now supports SharePoint document library check-in / check-out. It is a key feature of SharePoint and is often used where many people are collaborating on documents, offline editing of documents is required or major / minor versioning is enabled.

MindGenius users can now get the benefit of using SharePoint Document libraries check-in/check-out, including;

• Ensuring that only one person at a time edits a map
• Ability to control the version of your maps by applying version numbers each time the map is updated.
• When checked –out, maps are stored locally and can be accessed and edited offline.

See your SharePoint administrator about integrating MindGenius maps into your SharePoint document libraries.

Export Excel Gantt View
The MindGenius Gantt view now includes an option to export the Gantt view to an Excel spread sheet. Ideal for communicating the status of projects to external Stakeholders or those who do not use MindGenius.

If you are an existing V4 customer, simply download the latest trial version of MindGenius from This will automatically update your installation. There is no need to uninstall earlier versions of MindGenius 4 and your product will still be activated.

If you are new to Version 4, visit Even if you have downloaded a trial of previous versions of MindGenius, this will give you another 30 day free trial version.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Always great to see another update to Mindgenius.

One small but significant addition that needs to come in the next update is an auto-correct/spell checker in the Notes Editor. It was missing in MG 3 and despite a major update in MG 4 is still missing.

I believe that given that other leading mind mapping software products already have this feature, MG need to rectify this omission as quickly as possible.

Requested this addition in a previous blog contribution for MG3 so hope it can happen soon.


Regular MG User.

MindGenius said...


Thanks for your comment. We do have a record of it and it is logged with all of our other customer enhancements. In each maintenance release we aim to deliver against these customer enhancements but the requests are ranked by most requested, which are delivered first.

I will pass to development again, to raise the priority of this for consideration in our next major release.


Anonymous said...

what is the difference between the maintenance releases and non maintenance releases and if there is a difference what is the plus cost of maintenance releases

MindGenius said...

Non maintenance releases are major version updates ie from Version 3 to Version 4 and there is an upgrade cost for this, for example upgrading from Version 3 to Version 4 would cost £117 + VAT. Maintenance releases fix any bugs with MindGenius and also usually offer some new features at no cost.

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