Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Explore the full potential of MindGenius and maximise your ROI

We are delighted at another successful year of continued growth in the global MindGenius user-base. This, combined with high attendance at, and positive feedback from our popular webinar series, has highlighted the need for us to work more closely and in more collaborative ways with our users to help them realise the full potential of MindGenius. As a result, we are happy to announce the appointment of Jamie MacDonald, a highly experienced trainer, facilitator and coach, to head up the client development department.

The range of client development services will include training, both online and onsite, webinars and tailored workshops, and implementation services all geared to help users make the most out of MindGenius and receive optimum return on their investment in the software. So if you want to learn how to effectively capture and utilize ideas in your organization, keep the momentum between Brainstorming sessions and action, or effectively implement improved project planning mechanisms, we will have a solution to help. Of course, you may have specific requirements in your organization and we can create bespoke courses and interventions to suit.

Jamie brings over 20 years’ experience in training, development, HRM and business improvement. He has a broad working knowledge of strategic planning, business process improvement, change management, business growth and people and organisational development and has personally fronted training events, workshops and larger business process improvement projects within numerous major UK and international organisations, UK Councils, and many other private SMEs - working closely with CEOs, Board members, and senior management, as well as staff at all levels.

Jamie said:

“One of my main aims is to help users increase personal, team and organisational productivity, efficiency and results through their application of MindGenius and associated methodologies. Another aim is to help organisations with the implementation and buy-in of MindGenius product and methodologies in multiple-user or large-scale installations – working closely with stakeholders to maximise use and added-value to the business. No matter your company type or size, we will have a range of services offerings to suit and can tailor them to suit you and your organization.”

Get in touch with Jamie either via the comments below or at jamiem@mindgenius.com, with your specific requirements or suggestions on how we can develop and improve the MindGenius client development offering.

New Year Webinar Update

Get work off to the right start in the New Year with the MindGenius webinar series. Initially we will be running additional sessions on an Introduction to MindGenius 4, an Introduction to Project Planning with MindGenius and MindGenius for Consultants, however this will be expanded to include more diverse topics so please get in touch via the comments below if you have any areas you would like to see us cover.

The webinars aim is to help users make the most out of MindGenius and discover functionality they may not be familiar with. They are free to attend, you will have the opportunity to ask questions during the session, and are ideal for both new and existing users of MindGenius.

The series has been extremely well attended with positive feedback on the content and over 95% of attendees rating the content as “good” or “excellent.” Some feedback from recent webinar attendees includes:

“I do hope you'll run more of these. I've had MindGenius for a few months now, but haven't used it much. I had no idea it could do all you showed. I will definitely be using it much more now!"

“Exactly what I was looking for - clear and concise. Can't wait to receive the recording link in order to share with other managers. Plan to start using immediately. Thank you!”

Make sure you don’t miss out and sign up today for January’s scheduled events: www.mindgenius.com/Resources/Webinars.aspx