Wednesday, 9 November 2011

MindGenius now supported on Biggerplate mind mapping community

MindGenius are pleased to announce that they are now supported on, one of the largest communities of mind map users in the world.

Becoming a member of Biggerplate is free and, once registered, allows users to share map content with others and to download from a choice of thousands of maps.

MindGenius has many different communities of users including project managers, consultants, and compliance managers, as well as those in a client facing role such as sales and marketing professionals, and MindGenius believes that Biggerplate is a fantastic way for users to connect within and across these different communities.

Initially MindGenius will be sharing a project management set of maps which includes a mix of real life project management examples, reusable templates, and information maps covering areas of project management such as Planning, PRINCE2, Agile methods, etc. As an added advantage for MindGenius users, the MindGenius import capabilities* offers immediate access to most of the content on Biggerplate, not just the MindGenius maps.

How can Mind Mapping Software help Project Managers
Download full map from
Check Biggerplate regularly as MindGenius will be continuing to upload fresh content and be sure to share your own maps. Maps can be rated and are searchable in a variety of categories including Business, Academic and General with hundreds of additional sub sets.

Agile Software Development
Download full map from
Derek Jack, Director of MindGenius, said "MindGenius are looking forward to being a part of the Biggerplate community and giving MindGenius users access to content across a wide variety of areas. Our starting point is project management since we have recognised a big growth in this community and feel this is a great way for them to connect with other users to share knowledge. We will also be uploading maps on many diverse subjects in the near future. We would encourage our users to take the opportunity to use this medium and share their own expertise, and gain fresh ideas on applying MindGenius."

Liam Hughes, Founder of Biggerplate said “We are very excited to welcome MindGenius and their users to Biggerplate, especially as this has been highly requested by members of our community over the past six months! The focus on project management within the MindGenius business and user-base means we expect to see a significant increase in both the quantity and quality of map content in this area being shared on Biggerplate. As we continue to strengthen our position as a leading source of mind mapping content and community, our new partnership with the fantastic team at MindGenius represents another significant and exciting step in the right direction for Biggerplate and our members!”

Visit today to get involved.

*MindGenius can currently import MindManager files


Liam Hughes said...

We are delighted to have MindGenius supported on Biggerplate, and hope many of your users will come and take advantage of the great resources available on the site from yourselves and others!

MindGenius said...

Thanks Liam, we are excited to now be a part of Biggerplate and I'm sure our users will be too. Even though we are starting off with a project management series of maps, a key area for us and our users, we look forward to sharing many more maps in the future, and hope our users take the opportunity to do the same, as well as accessing all of the great content already on the site.

Anonymous said...

Great Idea, but I can´t open the file posted by bigger plate. I`m working with Mind Genius 2. Is this a problem?

DerekJ said...

The MindGenius files on BiggerPlate are either MindGenius Map files (can be opened with all versions) or MindGenius XML Map files (Requires at least version 3.8 to open these files).

The MindManager files on BiggerPlate can be opened with MindGenius Version 3.6 or greater.

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