Friday, 14 October 2011

MindGenius Webinar Series Update

Following a great response to our initial Introduction to MindGenius webinars, we are now pleased to announce more details of our upcoming webinar programme.

The first in this series is for Consultants and will be held on Thursday 20th October at 4pm GMT Summer Time. This webinar will cover how MindGenius can help you;

  • Facilitate engaging sessions with your clients
  • Capture customer requirements
  • Plan projects
Consultants who use MindGenius cover a wide variety of specialities but all have one thing in common: they believe MindGenius can help them improve the experience they offer their customers and this webinar will show how the MindGenius approach can be applied in a consultancy setting.

Read the story of a consultant who uses MindGenius in conjunction with WebEx to deliver online mind mapping to slash the time and cost of collaborative problem solving.

Register for the upcoming MindGenius webinars:

20th October 4pm GMT Summer Time, 11am EST
MindGenius for Consultants Register

26th October 4pm GMT Summer Time, 11am EST
Project Management with MindGenius Register

9th November 6am GMT, 4pm AEST
Introduction to MindGenius Register

9th November 4pm GMT, 11am EST
Introduction to MindGenius Register

More Webinars will be announced next month, are there any topics you would like to see us cover?

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