Thursday, 15 September 2011

WikiSummarizer – Relevance Matters

We have recently been catching up with Henry Lewkowicz of Context Discovery Inc., finding out more about their WikiSummarizer application and how the powerful summaries that this web based application creates can now be downloaded as MindGenius files.

WikiSummarizer is a web based application designed to find and extract for you, the essential facts and relevant information about a topic from Wikipedia.

So if you need to rapidly find relevant Wikipedia articles to aid your research activities, are currently suffering from information overload or generally need to quickly find out more about any topic this application can help you.

The technology developed by Context Discovery automatically creates and stores summaries of Wikipedia articles in the WikiSummarizer knowledge base. The summaries identify the most important keywords and content in the articles and rank them by relevancy. Users can then search the knowledge base and download the summaries as RTF or MindGenius files.

We encourage you to have a look at and experiment with the different ways to produce summaries;

1. Condense Wikipedia articles to the essential keywords and summaries

Enter the name of a Wikipedia article in the "Summarize Wikipedia article" tab and time saving summaries of the Wikipedia article will be presented.

2. Quickly find Wikipedia references to a topic

Enter a keyword in the “Search Wikipedia” tab and the most significant Wikipedia articles related to the keyword will be presented.

3. Find and Summarize relevant topics

Enter a keyword in the "Get Summaries" tab, and complete summaries of the most relevant articles related to the keyword will be presented.

4. Summarize Webpage articles

Enter a URL in the “WebSummarizer” tab, and a summary of the Webpage article will be presented.

Remember, the results of these different searches can be downloaded into a MindGenius map providing a quick start to your research and projects and an opportunity to progress much quicker than would normally be possible. is currently a test site that Context Discovery have made available for people to explore the value and uses of the summarization technology. The entire content of Wikipedia has been summarized and stored on the website to demonstrate the use of summaries to create powerful knowledge bases.

Henry further explained that the summarization technology could be adapted to any website, SharePoint, corporate document repository or content management system to create corporate knowledge libraries.

We have a number of ideas about how this could be integrated with MindGenius and we are very interested to hear about your experience of using WikiSummarizer and your thoughts on how this could help you. Please let us know.

Henry commented that is an applied research site that currently relies upon sponsorship to allow them to keep learning from users and adding new features in response.

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outdoorgirl said...

Looks like a great tool but I tried to download as Mindgenius format and saved as MGMX file, which I coudln't load. I have version 2.51. is this the problem?

MindGenius said...

Hi, thanks for your comment. The maps downloaded from WikiSummarizer are in MindGenius Version 4 format. A work around would be to download the free trial of Version 4 (it will run side by side with Version 2) and you could then open the map in V4 and save as MindGenius 2-3 Documents.

outdoorgirl said...

Hi Kelly,
Presumably though, this would only run for 30 days or however long trial is. Can I get upgrade to V4?

MindGenius said...

Yes unfortunately it would only last for 30 days. You can upgrade to V4, the price is around £117/ €135/ $188 for MindGenius Business.

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