Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Top 5 Social Media Highlights

Welcome to another social media highlights where I will be taking you through a look at the top 5 articles, news, tweets and Facebook posts that came our way this month.

1) We start off with Dr Andrew Makar of Tactical Project Management who wrote an excellent article offering his Five Reasons for Using MindGenius for Projects. This article proved to be a big hit, generating a large number of tweets and reaction in the Twitterverse and is a great overview on the benefits mind mapping with MindGenius can bring to projects.


2) Chuck Frey, author of the mind mapping software blog, has collated and released the results of his mind mapping software trends survey that was published last month. The results are interesting to say the least with the majority of respondents recognising that their mind mapping software has helped them to increase their productivity by 30% and almost 60% of respondents indicated they would not be able to create the same quality of work if they didn’t have mind mapping software.

Does your mind mapping software enable you to tackle more complex tasks and projects that you would have previously avoided?

Read the full results: http://mindmappingsoftwareblog.com/2011-survey-results-published/

3) Steve Rothwell over at Peace of Mind advocates that mind maps are much more than a set of bullet points by another name. Steve explains how to create a presentation from your map and how to avoid monotonous slides containing not much more than bullet points.


4) Andrew Makar produced another great article for TechRepublic stating that using mind mapping software for project logs is easier than filtering a spreadsheet. Read about the benefits the mind mapping format has over conventional spreadsheet software.

5) Over on Twitter I found this article from Learning 3.0 discussing using mind mapping in creative thinking exercises. Paul Urban takes us through the 5 stages of the creative thinking process in an informative article.


Have any social media posts stood out for you this month?

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