Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Version 4 Map Viewer Now Available

The MindGenius Version 4 Map Viewer is now available to download. The Viewer allows colleagues and customers who do not have Version 4 to view your maps, and also allows them to add Notes to branches, enabling them to review maps and add comments and feedback to your ideas before sending it back to you.

While currently a full trial version of MindGenius does turn into a viewer after 30 days, it does not offer the capability to add branch notes and the Map Viewer file is also far more compact which has seen it rolled out to several Enterprise customers' desktops.

The new Map Viewer may also be helpful in the Academic world as it allows tutors or teachers to issue revision maps or project outlines to students and then instruct them to download the Map Viewer file to access them at home. The download is a straightforward and simple process which only takes a couple of minutes.

The Map Viewer is free and available to download now from

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