Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Great response to MindGenius 4

MindGenius has now released Version 4 of its popular mind mapping software, MindGenius and since its release, it has received great feedback from customers and mind mapping industry experts.
Chuck Frey of the Mind Mapping Software blog reviewed Version 4 and said:

MindGenius 4 dazzles with innovative brainstorming and presentation modes… The depth of capabilities and customization offered in MindGenius 4's brainstorming mode is simply astounding… MindGenius saw an opportunity to rethink the whole concept of what a mind mapping presentation view could do, because they’ve definitely kicked it up a few notches over anything I’ve seen before! Both of the new views are winners in my book.”

New Brainstorming Mode

Other feedback from industry bloggers has been really positive too with Wallace Tait, author of the Visual Mapper blog commenting that MindGenius 4 is:

An awesome product that delivers a very dynamic experience for the Visual information manager. I highly recommend this product.”

New Presentations Mode

And Steve Rothwell, author of the Peace of Mind blog, said “Initial overall impressions are that this version adds significant new functionality - functionality that is immediately useful for all kinds of idea creation, evaluation, planning and communication.

In particular, the Brainstorming and Analysis tools, when used in combination, offer powerful tools for facilitating 1-1 sessions, meetings and workshops.”

Steve has since put together a few articles on using the new functionality which can be accessed at: Steve is also the author of this month’s article on using MindGenius to apply the 6 Thinking Hats methodology. Read Now
You can download a 30 day free trial of MindGenius 4 from, or view a short video on what’s new in version 4 at  Version 4 will install without affecting your current installation.

Special upgrade pricing is only available until the 30th June 2011.

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