Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Hints and Tips - Presentations Slides

Our objective is to create a memorable presentation where the audience receive and retain the message that we set out to deliver.

Ultimately the content, structure and flow of our presentation and its interest and relevance to our audience will determine whether we meet our objective, however the content and look of each slide is an important part of supporting your presentation.

Here are a couple of Hints & Tips to help you create great supporting slides.

An audience is more likely to understand and retain information if it is presented in small logical chunks. The slides are there to support the commentary from the presenter and should display the structure and key points being made and not try to include every spoken word in the slide.

The slide below probably contains too much information either to be read by the audience or to be retained.

Utilizing a good key word driven hierarchical mapping structure and supplementing with appropriate images will help the audience engage and retain the information.

Here is the same map showing only the structure and keywords of the presentation;

And here we take that a stage further and present an index first before focusing in on each sub section, adding appropriate images for each.

One hint that has become popular with the early users of the presentation feature is to create multiple slides from the same part of a map and configure each slide to expand on a different part of the map each time.
To do this, make sure you are in the Map view and not the Presentation view.
Select the part of the map that you want to create slides from, then select Add Slide, Based on Selection (Don’t Switch).

Without changing your selection in the map, select Add Slide (Don’t Switch) again.

When you ‘Switch View’ to the presentation view, you will have two slides with the same web part on them. However, you are then able to expand / collapse these web parts independently on each slide.

To view a step-by-step guide on this and to find out in more detail how to configure your slides, view our Presentations Tutorial Video.

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It's brilliant to be able to expand and collapse branches even while you are presenting, without affecting subsequent slides.

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