Wednesday, 15 June 2011

6 Thinking Hats and MindGenius

Steve Rothwell is the creator of the Peace of Mind Blog which discusses practical applications of mind mapping, idea mapping and visual mapping. Last month he looked at the Consensus Workshop Method and this month he has taken a look at 6 Thinking Hats and MindGenius.

De Bono’s 6 Thinking Hats - different coloured hats each symbolising a specific perspective - provide a structured way of looking at a problem or idea from all angles. It's a great workshop tool.

With the brainstorming and analysis tools included within MindGenius 4 it is possible to step through a process of: generating ideas using the Thinking Hats; reviewing the ideas, again with the Thinking Hats; then creating a final integrated view of all the ideas, categorised by Thinking Hat.

In summary, the 6 Thinking Hats are:

White hat: neutral; fact or information driven; trends; no opinions; gaps in knowledge

Red hat: intuition or gut reactions; feelings; emotional responses

Black hat: defensive thinking; risks; constraints; impact for other initiatives

Yellow hat: positive thinking; opportunities; benefits

Green hat: creativity; new ways of seeing things; new associations; insights

Blue hat: process control – worn by the meeting chair; summaries; actions; decisions

The hats can be created as MindGenius categories ahead of the workshop.

Depending on how the workshop is planned, you might first begin with a brainstorm and collect all the ideas in MindGenius.
The 6 Thinking Hats icons can be applied as the process is stepped through or as part of a second pass where the audience is asked to categorise the ideas.

To create some order from this brainstorm and initial categorisation, select the " Create Map from Brainstorm" option and "Create Category-Centric Map".

MindGenius will create a new map with branches based on each of the 6 Thinking Hats and the categorised ideas attached under the appropriate branch.
Reformat the map to a preferred style and you are ready to move on to the next stage of the workshop.
Steve has also put together articles on adding the 6 Hats as MindGenius Categories and adding 6 Thinking Hats Question Sets at

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What a brilliant use of both the thinking hats and mind mapping. Kudos to you!

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