Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Hints and Tips - Top Ten Shortcuts

1. Make the currently selected branch the core by selecting F6. You can always return to the Central Core branch by selecting Ctrl+Home.

2. Use the ‘End’ Key to navigate to the last child of your current selection.

3. To correct capitalization typos use Shift + F3 to toggle through the Change case options.

4. Copy (Ctrl+C) and Paste (Ctrl+V) can be used to copy the selected branch (automatically includes the child branches) and paste them to other branches or maps.
5. Use the Ctl+ + and Ctrl + - keys to zoom the map in and out. OR While holding in the Ctrl+Shift keys, use the Mouse wheel to Zoom in and out.

6. To insert a Parent branch (i.e. in front of the current branch, Select Ctrl+Shift+Ins.

7. Bring the notes pane into view and focus in it at any time by selecting Ctrl+1.

8. Undo and Redo changes using Ctrl+Z (Undo) and Ctrl+Y (redo).

9. Use F2 to quickly Edit the branch title and use F3 to access the branch appearance dialog and change the style of a branches font, shape, connector or boundary.

10. Increase and decrease the spacing between branches using these shortcut keys;
Ctrl+Shift+Up Arrow will increase vertical spacing
Ctrl+Shift+Down Arrow will decrease vertical spacing
Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow will decrease horizontal spacing
Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow will increase horizontal spacing


Anonymous said...

Shift+Left/Right arrow is also a great quick way of expanding/collapsing branches if you're using keyboard navigation.

I also like to use F6 to focus down on a branch and its children, then ALT+F6 to move back up the hierarchy.

MindGenius said...

F6 to focus in is a personal favourite of mine, along with number 3 on our list - Shift + F3 to toggle capitalization.

Anonymous said...

I've just discovered if you want to copy a number of branches into a note or a Word document, all you have to do is select and copy the relevant items in the mindmap (using control and click to select and control and C to copy them and then using control and V to paste them either into a branch note or into an external document like Word, where they appear as a list. Great for brainstorming and then using the note facility to start writing the presentation or report. Saves rewriting ideas.

Unknown said...

Does anyone know how to connect a number of branches at the bottom of the hierarchy to one point? ie. for project logic diagrams where you have one start and one end point with a multiple of linear branches in between?

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to align (vertically) braches that are more than one layer into the map?

MindGenius said...

Hi, by default MindGenius is in control of the layout, but you can switch off auto-layout and then you have the freedom to position branches anywhere you like. To do this,go to the Map Settings menu on the Format tab and switch off auto-layout. You will now be able to drag and drop branches to any position.

Anonymous said...

I would like to create a child node with multiple parents. Is there any way to do this?

MindGenius said...

Hi, there is currently not a way to do this in MindGenius. Can I ask why you are looking to do this as we may have a suitable workaround? Thanks.

Andrew said...

Hello! I am learning more about the tool every day - and loving it more every day! I too would like to have a child node with multiple parents...example:
Mapping go-forward (perhaps sunset) strategy for two disparate systems, separate teams and functions; however the connection point is a single, Front-End overlay provided by the same vendor. Neither the vendor nor the Front-End are mapped/tracked via categories, as this is an interim, bandage solution (yet need to maintain the linkage).

Hopefully the example resonates.

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