Tuesday, 15 February 2011

University Change Team share how they use MindGenius to apply PRINCE2

We have recently documented how MindGenius is used by students for studying and to help facilitate collaborative learning sessions. This month we are looking at how the Change Team at Exeter University are using MindGenius with the help of Dick Leitch, Senior Project Manager:

The Change Team provide training courses in project management and change management, coaching in a wide range of areas including risk assessment and management and are responsible for managing the major “initiatives” carried out in the University.

These initiatives include most of the Universities New System procurement and implementation projects. Projects currently underway include, implementing a new Post Graduate Research management system and the implementation of Microsoft SharePoint for document management of financial documents such as supplier invoices, staff and student expense claims, and Cashiers documentation.

For the entire UK public sector, PRINCE2 is the mandated project management methodology and therefore the Change Team apply these principles to their projects. The use of MindGenius is actively encouraged throughout the process, from capturing the points raised at the project initiation brainstorming session to controlling the phases using the Gantt chart functionality introduced in MindGenius Version 3.

Example 1 Sharepoint Document Management Project broken down into phases with actions and resources added.
Example 2 Sharepoint Document Management Project in MindGenius Gantt

Dick believes this simplifies the process, as after the Gantt view button is clicked, all that is required to complete the GANTT chart is to link activities to indicate the dependencies.

The team has also found MindGenius helpful for stakeholder analysis an example of which is shown below (not University example for privacy issues):
Example 3 Stakeholder Analysis Map
Available to download at the end of the article

Once the stakeholders have been identified, analysis of their impact on and interest in the project through the use of colours or Categories according to the following template provides most of the information necessary for the completion of the project Communications Plan.

Example 4 Importance/ Impact Matrix

Dick said: "MindGenius is so easy to use and so adaptable, that it has been widely adopted throughout the University for a myriad of purposes, of which these are only two examples."
Download Stakeholder Analysis Map


Nathaniel@prince2 certification said...

Thank you for this post. So there is a little bit I'm confuse. Is that mind genius a training program? or another way on how to apply PRINCE2?

MindGenius said...

Hi Nathaniel,

MindGenius is mind mapping software that allows you to apply PRINCE2. Let me know if you have any other questions.


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Faye Brockwell said...

We're also using Mind Genius for project planning here at the University of Brighton. Our IS Project Management Office recommend it as an alternative to MS Project for smaller projects (as we have a site licence for Mind Genius but not for MS Project). So far it has been very well received by staff.

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MindGenius said...

Thanks for all your feedback everyone - we're delighted you found the information so useful!

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