Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Social Media Survey - Feedback and Competition Winner

We’ve had a great response to last month’s Social Media survey. Thanks to everyone who took the time to complete it. We’ve had a good mix of responses and opinions on what you look for from the social media channels you subscribe to and it shows there is a distinct difference between business and personal use.

The responses show that the most popular social media tools from our respondents are Facebook on 75%, LinkedIn on 59%, YouTube on 53% and Twitter on 32%.

In business, by far the most popular tool for our users is LinkedIn and we assume this is down to the networking and learning opportunities available to LinkedIn users.

We were expecting a mix of preferred options for Personal use but 80% of respondents prefer Facebook, demonstrating the clear difference between Business and Personal use.

When it came to what you would like from the MindGenius social media channels, there were a variety of responses but it was obvious that users are keen to learn more and make the most of MindGenius whether this is via videos, tutorials or learning from other users. Furthermore, many of you are looking for somewhere to share maps, all of which is telling us that users are looking for a MindGenius online community.

One respondent also suggested inviting customers to submit videos of tasks in the same way as Apple engages people with iapps. This was definitely of interest to us. If anyone out there would like to film how they use MindGenius for a particular task, we would be happy to publish them on our YouTube channel and our blog, or if you have any suggestions on what you would like us to produce, let us know via the social media channels below.

From the survey results, it is also clear that some of our users are happy with the existing MindGenius communication channels. We appreciate social media isn’t for everyone, and for some business users would be inaccessible at work. Social media for us is a different way to communicate and will give users a chance to engage in dialogue with us and to interact with other users. There will be a suitable medium for everyone, no matter what they prefer.

Thanks to everyone who took part. The survey is now closed and the winner of the competition is Suzanne Macleod. We will be in touch soon with your Amazon voucher.

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Anonymous said...

how many responses? where from?

MindGenius said...

Hi, the results are from the survey which we ran in last month's newsletter. 274 of our readers responded to it with their opinions.

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