Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Hints and Tips - Adding pictures to a map

Often in business a basic map which outlines your ideas is all you need. However, there can be times when you need to add prominence to an idea, mark something as high importance ie red flag, illustrate a point, or simply make your map look more attractive. Likewise in Education, adding images can be useful for things such as studying, aiding memory recall and can be useful in the classroom to illustrate a topic. 

Fig. 1 Map with image demonstrating problem for problem solving exercise  
There are a couple of ways to do this in MindGenius. Firstly you can add pictures from the Pictures gallery. Do this by selecting the picture gallery from the properties pane. You can choose from categories here such as arrows, currency, people, shapes and symbols and objects. Select the folder you would like to choose from, and then select the branch you would like to add it to and double click. The image will appear on the branch.

Alternatively you can just drag the image to the branch you would like to add it to or have the image as a Floating picture, ie not connected to a branch, by dragging it to its location and letting it go.

To remove or change the image, double click on it and a dialogue will appear that allows you to clear or change the picture. You can also resize images here or amend their positioning.

If you prefer to use your own images, you can do this too, either by adding them to a branch or as a floating image. You can either select the Insert Ribbon and then select "Picture" or right click your mouse and select Pictures and then “Insert.” These options will allow you to browse your PC and select the relevant image you want to add. Again you can change or clear the image by double clicking on it.

Fig. 2 English Revision Notes Map


Anonymous said...

Interesting article. I have been using MG for a year or so now and haven't always focused on the need to include images and pictures. While mind mapping software is great for organising large amounts of often complex information I would be keen to find out the extent to which the inclusion of images/pictures/photos aids memory recall during presentations/meetings etc

Any thoughts or examples would be appreciated!


MindGenius said...

That's a good point - in Education it's fairly well documented that pictures aid memory recall but I'm not sure about similar research in business. I will investigate this and in the meantime if any users out there are aware of such studies in business, please get in touch.

surveytool said...

Thanks for this really informative article Gordon. I have some very complex projects coming up, one is building and major global environmental campaign and the other a major Open University project.

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