Friday, 21 January 2011

Win a £50 Amazon Voucher - Social Media Survey

Keeping in touch with our customers has always been a priority of MindGenius. Whether you prefer to Tweet, “like” things on Facebook, or watch YouTube videos, there is now a MindGenius Channel for you.

Fig. 1 Simon Paterson, Social Media Champion
Managed by Simon Paterson, our new Social Media Champion, we will be announcing all of our latest product news, development updates and special offers and competitions via these channels, as well as connecting you with other MindGenius users. 

Join us now so you don’t miss out on what’s coming up this year.

And to ensure we are giving you what you need on these channels, we are currently running a short survey to find out the type of information you like and need. The survey should take no more than 5 minutes to complete and you could win a £50 (*or Dollar/Euro equivalent) Amazon Voucher. Access the survey here.

You can also get in touch with Simon directly at

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Peter said...

Not very happy about this. I hope it does not mean that this blog and the website will not be carrying the same info, especially for development updates and product news. I don't use facebook and youtube and only look at twitter when I want to find out when my university library is closed. As soon as I've finished my course there, I'll be dropping out of Twitter too.

MindGenius said...

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your comment. The aim of the new channels is to give our users more choice in how they keep in touch with us. The blog will continue to have information on key development and product updates. The social media channels are simply another option for those who like to keep in touch with us more regularly, to interact with us, or who simply prefer those options.


Tony said...

I too have no interest in updates via twitter or facebook. I only want updates via email.

Anonymous said...

Always nice to give people the choice and let them evolve at their own pace.

MindGenius said...

Tony - we will still communicate via email. From the survey responses we’ve received so far, we can see there is a great amount of interest in social media from a large proportion of our user base although we appreciate it isn't for everyone.

Social media for us is a different way to communicate and will hopefully give users a chance to engage in dialogue with us and to interact with other users.

There should be a suitable medium for everyone, no matter what they prefer.

Peter said...

That's a relief. The original statement by Simon Paterson read as though the social media networks were going to be the only means of keeping in touch with our favourite (only!) mindmapping software company.

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