Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Enhancements in Version 3 Maintenance Releases

Since version 3 of MindGenius was released in October 2009, there have been several maintenance releases, the latest being 3.7, which was available to download on the 1st December 2010. Here are the details of the new features and functionality in versions 3.0, 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7

Enhancements included in 3.7

Windows desktop search integration for 32 and 64 bit systems

  • The contents of the maps are now indexed by windows, allowing users to search for branch titles, attachment names, resources and notes within map files.
Map preview integration for Windows Explorer
  • Users are able to preview a map without the need to open the file in Explorer. Note, the preview pane must be turned on.
Map preview integration for Outlook
  • Users are able to preview map attachments without the need to open the file in MS Outlook
Save as OPML
  • Users now have the ability to save, as well as open, the OPML format.
Gantt chart printing improvements
  • Users can now control page setup and print options.
Enhancements included in 3.6
  • Export MindGenius calendar (and working exceptions) to Microsoft Project.
  • Allow users to alter the Gantt view timeline.
  • Import OPML files (e.g. iThoughts).
  • Import MindManager files.
Enhancements included in 3.5
  • Gantt View
MindGenius 3.5 allows you to view your map and its associated task information in a Gantt chart.

The Gantt chart is generated based on the branches, their task information and their relationship in your map.

The Gantt view is seamlessly integrated within MindGenius, allowing you to switch between map view and Gantt view with the click of a button.

Enhancements included in 3.0
  • Ribbon User Interface
  • Improved Analysis capabilities to help you sort your information and add quick filters to get a different view on your data e.g. by category, actions due/over due, cost or task properties
  • MS Excel export for use with pivot table analysis, parts lists, costs, task management and FMEA Analysis, allowing you to work with numerical values as well as words.
  • Numerical fields added that allow you to record actual work hours, costs and quantities and undertake cost and quantity calculations.
  • Updated image library with a suite of pictures that can be used royalty free by all MindGenius users.
  • Ability to add and edit your own question sets in the Question Tool allowing you to undertake improved planning and brainstorming sessions and create frameworks for meetings and customer facing sessions.
  • Timer to allow you to keep on schedule in brainstorming, meetings and presentations.
  • Ability to import Mind Manager files.
If you are a MindGenius Business V2 customer, you can still upgrade to MindGenius 3 (latest release version 3.7) for just £117 / €135 / $188 (+ VAT where applicable).

If you are a MindGenius Education V2 customer, you can still upgrade to MindGenius 3 (latest release version 3.7) for just £45 / €52 / $72 (+ VAT where applicable).

You simply need to;
  1. Download and install the appropriate MindGenius 3 Trial version (you do not need to uninstall MindGenius V2)
  2. Purchase a Version 3 Upgrade license from our Online Store.

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