Thursday, 16 December 2010

The BIG year end milestone

Why does everything need to be completed by the year-end? The end of the year is often used as an immoveable milestone – often self-imposed and it’s not just at this time of year that you can find yourself feeling overloaded with too much to do and needing to bring a bit of clarity to proceedings.

Try this process to get clarity on what needs to be done to achieve your year-end milestone and improve your general productivity. Start by bringing together everything that’s on your mind. Brain dump and capture in a map; the tasks you need to close out, people you need to connect with, loose ends to tie up and the Xmas shopping to do!

Add structure to your map by grouping the ideas to get more clarity; Projects, Phone calls, emails, Shopping etc.

Brain dumping and visualizing your ideas and information in this way is the fundamental reason you are able to quickly achieve clarity on any situation. Your tasks are concisely captured, connections & relationships are easier to see and the graphical view on you tasks encourages and helps you identify and remember other associated tasks. Feedback tells us that this is one of the most effective uses of the application and the starting point for many projects.

Now identify what you want to achieve, it can't be everything but at least identify the most important ones and what you'd be happy with.

It now depends on what task management methodology you would normally adopt. Try prioritizing everything and start working on the high priorities, moving onto the lower priorities only when the high ones are completed or simply remove the lower priority tasks to another map (or section of current map) to deal with later. Either way you should be left with a clear view of what you are trying to achieve.

All you have to do now is complete those tasks!

Task Management and Time Management are huge topics in their own right to be covered in the coming months.

See this Month’s Hints & Tips on the most effective way to Christmas Shop

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