Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Maintenance release 3.7 release date announced

MindGenius Ltd are pleased to announce the forthcoming maintenance release of MindGenius 3. Version 3.7 will be available to download from our website on the 1st December and is free to all existing Version 3 users.

As well as routine maintenance work, Version 3.7 includes integration with Windows Desktop Search, Map Preview Support and a Save as OPML option.

Integration with Windows Desktop Search
Windows Desktop Search will now index the contents of MindGenius maps.  This allows you to search for specific terms in your map from the Windows start menu or Windows explorer search bar.

Fig. 1 Integration with Windows Desktop Search
Branch titles, notes, resources, attachment names and descriptions, action details and categories are all indexed.
New maps created and updated maps will index straight away.  Existing maps may take a little longer to index as Windows does this in the background when your PC is idle. (a reboot can help get this moving).

Map preview support
Fig. 2 Map Preview Support
You can now preview maps in Windows Explorer (Vista, Windows 7) and Microsoft Outlook (2007, 2010) without opening them.  The preview supports zooming and copy to clipboard functionality.

Save map as OPML
We introduced the ability to import OPML files in Version 3.6, this allows maps created in certain iPhone/iPad applications to be opened directly with MindGenius. The Save as OPML capability added in Version 3.7 allows these maps to be edited in MindGenius and sent back to the iPhone/iPad applications.

Look out for your reminder message on the 1st December which will contain details on how to update to 3.7.


MKB said...

Some nice features here. How do you turn on the index facility? Is this done automatically by Windows 7?

OPML is nice however a proper Android / iPad app would be much better.

DerekJ said...

New and updated maps will index straight away. Existing maps may take a while to index as Windows does this in the background when your PC is idle(I’ve found a reboot can help get this moving).

Note: 64 Bit systems require an additional file, http://tinyurl.com/29oxzwm

We are currently looking at better solutions for android and iPad integration.

MKB said...

Makes sense Derek. Touch-based operating systems are cracking for mapping. Totally resolve the whole large map issue.

BTW if I was backing a horse, I'd back Android.



Anonymous said...

Great to have included export/inport facility with use with IThoughts - means I can use IThoughts on IPhone & IPad and seamlessly integrate with MG. Great collaboration! N

MindGenius said...

We are happy to have a solution for using MindGenius on the move! This is actually available in Version 3.71 and above. Article on 3.71 functionality: http://blog.mindgenius.com/2011/02/maintenance-release-371-now-available.html

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