Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Creating and Sharing Maps with Attached Files

Whether attaching timesheets to project maps or web links to research documents utilising branch attachments can add great value to your project management activities.
Fig.1 Section of a map with examples of attachments

It is possible to attach any file type or URL to a branch and launch that file or web page directly from MindGenius. MindGenius can become a file library for your project!

Attached files are visually indicated on the map, examples of an attached PDF file and an Excel spreadsheet are shown in the image above. An example of a branch with multiple attachments is also shown (Paperclip icon).
To attach a file:
  • Ensure the Insert tab is selected
  • Select the branch to which you wish to attach a file
  • From the Attachments group, select the 'Attachment' command
  • In the Add Attachments dialog, browse for the file or type the URL you want to attach to the branch
  • Add a description for the file
  • Click 'OK'
Hovering the mouse over the symbol will display the list of attachments - click on one to launch it. Double-clicking on the attachment symbol will also launch the attachment(s).
Sharing maps with attachments
Make sure when sharing maps with attachments that every user has access to the locations of the linked files. If this is not possible then the MindGenius Distribute feature can be used to send the map and all attachments.
To distribute a map:
  • From the Export tab, select 'As Compressed Package'
  • In Package options, select ‘Include attachments’
  • An e-mail will automatically be created (in compatible e-mail packages)
  • The compressed package containing the map and all attachments will be attached to the e-mail
The package can then be sent to colleagues who can open the package and extract the map and attachments allowing them all to be viewed.
Attachments are also ideal for Research and allow you to build a map that contains links to all relevant files for a research project, or for an essay or report.


Anonymous said...

Is there a hot-key for the attachment command?

DerekJ said...

We don’t publish a shortcut key for Inserting an Attachment, most commands do however have internal shortcuts for programming reasons. The Shortcut key for Insert Attachment is Alt+I+A+A, you can use this if it helps.

Unknown said...

How to I insert a key for the analysis symbols onto my map for others to be able to read it?

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