Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Using mind mapping software for studying and university assignments

With the new term having started, or just about to start for many students, it’s a good time to consider your study techniques for the year ahead. It’s a well-documented fact that mind mapping can help with memory recall and one student who is using MindGenius to help with her study techniques, as well as preparing her assignments is Catherine Garton.

Catherine is a student at Southampton University one day a week, studying “Working with Children” and she also works four days in a primary school setting as a support teacher and Learning Support Assistant.

Catherine uses MindGenius for all her assignments and one she is currently working on is 'Developing the skills for your working role'. Catherine used MindGenius to focus on and highlight all of the areas she needed to cover within in the assignment. This helped her ensure she included everything she needed to as the assignment was split into different sections and using mind mapping Catherine could focus on each section in turn.

Fig 1: "Developing the skills for your working role" map
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In the past, Catherine would have used a pen and paper to undertake her tasks and studying. Revision notes would often have to be updated or added to as she developed new knowledge which meant paper based notes often had to be recreated from scratch. Using MindGenius allows Catherine to create her study notes far more quickly and she is able to edit and amend them at any point.

Catherine thinks the biggest benefits of using MindGenius are being able to see clearly and quickly what needs to be done and what areas she has completed and when, which allows her to be more effective at time management. In addition, MindGenius also allows her to quickly create and amend different maps for specific tasks and university assignments, and print copies of the maps she’s produced to share with work and study friends. Sharing her ideas in this way, means it is easier for everyone to understand the topic.

Catherine thinks:

“MindGenius is simple and easy to use. During the 30 day free trial I could tell that it would help me with my study through University and so far it’s been invaluable. Out of 10 - I would score this software a 10.”

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