Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Hints & Tips – Formatting Branch Titles

We are often mapping in preparation for our next meeting, brainstorming, or presentation or generally keeping clarity on and managing one or more current projects. These business orientated maps can be large and content rich with very little need for colour and graphical content.

Sometimes though there is a need to introduce a level of formatting to our maps. As well as adding branch shapes, pictures, backgrounds etc., the Branch Title itself can be formatted to help make your map memorable or emphasize particular bits of information. This can be utilised by those in business to highlight key points, or by those in Education to make the map more visually appealing for students.

Fig. 1 Map showing various branch formatting options

The Edit Branch dialog can be expanded (Select the Format button) to provide access to the formatting features.

Fig. 2 Edit Branch dialog

Fig. 3 Expanded Edit Branch dialog

Once expanded all you need to do is select a word(s) and use the Font and Colour options in order to achieve mixed formatting within your branch title.

You can also select "Insert Symbol" here which provides access to the symbols available on your PC.

The branch format dialogue ensures it’s easy and quick to update all of these branch properties. Do you add formatting to your maps? What are the main reasons you do this?

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