Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Sharp Software using MindGenius for project management

Project planning is a constant challenge for many of us in our day-to-day business lives. From the initial project planning stages, through keeping on top of the details to delivery, it needs focus to ensure effective project delivery. Sharp Software Services is one organization who are finding that MindGenius can help them to do just this, particularly since the introduction of the integrated Gantt view.

Sharp Software Services help their clients to save money, increase profit, become more efficient, and help them get the correct IT from the best suppliers. They have been in business since 1981, with many clients, ranging from Investment Banks in London, Paris and Zurich, to local businesses.

Roy Sharp, Partner at Sharp Software thinks that MindGenius mind mapping software has speeded up the project planning stages, as well as ensuring that they don’t miss any steps in this initial, vital stage.

They utilize MindGenius for daily job tracking with every client. Firstly they create an overall map that contains current activities and their status ie whether or not it’s active / on hold, along with the % complete. They also create a map for each client that outlines the fine detail of future activities, making use of filtering to focus in and only view selected data such as activities that are incomplete, essential or optional, or by implementation group.

A map is also produced per project as a pre-cursor to a project plan, to establish all of the activities required to complete the project effectively and the critical path. This helps to ensure a comprehensive project plan is created, and everyone understands the scope and timescales.

Since the introduction of the integrated Gantt view in 3.5, they have used it on projects, including a recent one with a small business to upgrade hardware, implement new software, and modify some of the business processes at the same time as moving office. Using the Gantt view meant that the project plan didn’t have to be exported out to another application such as MS Project and allowed them to discuss flow and dependencies easily.

Roy Sharp said:

“MindGenius has brought organisation to client tasks, as well as simplified and speeded up project planning. Its ability to export in a number of formats means that plans can be communicated to different groups in the most appropriate format. This is key to everyone understanding their role and responsibility, and controlling the project scope.”

Roy Sharp, Partner, Sharp Software Services

Find out more about Sharp Software at http://www.roysharp.com/

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Roy Sharp said...

I look forward to seeing further enhancements to the Gantt view particularly on the ability to be able to specify out of hours work and start and finish times. The current day-based approach is fine where the client requires an overview and critical path, but limits the granualrity of the detailed plan.
Keep up the good work MindGenius.

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