Tuesday, 13 July 2010

New video on using categories and analysing information

This month's hints and tips are in a slightly different format. We have put together a video on using the Analysis and Categories features in MindGenius.

When we are initially gathering information into our map, MindGenius lends itself to not having to worry about order, logic or structure. By introducing categories into our map we are able to revisit our unstructured data and apply logic that can then be filtered and understood.

Adding categories to your ideas is also a good way to break down and make sense of your information and helps you to get the clarity required to make further progress. It's a useful feature in both business and education. In business, it is a vital part of analysing information captured in a brainstorming, it can also be used to group similar ideas eg in a large project, or to re-group and focus in on ideas that are linked. In education it can be used to make sense of information captured during a class discussion, and to mark similar topics in studying.

The video covers adding categories, creating your own categories, filtering and creating category centric views. It can be accessed at:


Are there any other videos on functionality you would like to see?

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