Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Version 3.6 now with file convertor and Gantt improvements

We are pleased to announce we are continuing the major development program we started with the release of Version 3 last year. Version 3.6, one of our regular maintenance releases, will be available from Monday 28th June and is free to all MindGenius Version 3 customers.

As well as routine maintenance work, MindGenius Version 3.6 includes functional updates to the Gantt View and the addition of a file convertor which allows users to import data from Mind Manager and OPML formats.

The Gantt view has been extremely well received since its release in March. User feedback on the Gantt View regarding the timeline being fixed units has been addressed with the addition of the ability to set the timeline scale to an appropriate unit of time such as Quarters, Months, Weeks, Days and Hours, as well as a zoom facility to scale the Gantt view to match your overall project duration.

In response to the number of organisations participating in a wholesale deployment of MindGenius to all desktops, we have developed the ability to be able to import maps from Mindjet’s MindManager. Any legacy maps held in the MindManager format can be seamlessly brought across into MindGenius and enable the entire organisation to move forward with MindGenius as the single map format, thus making the sharing of maps considerably easier.

OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) is an XML format for defining hierarchical data and is suitable for many different types of data lists and is used mainly to exchange data lists on the web. It is also used as a file format for certain iPhone/iPad applications such as MindNode & iThoughts.

Simply select File \ Open to import any of these file types into MindGenius.

This Import functionality has the ability to be extended to import from other sources and suggestions from our customers are very welcome.

Derek Jack, Company Director for MindGenius said:

“Fundamentally, MindGenius is a client driven business. Each release reflects the priorities placed upon us by our client feedback. We appear to have struck a chord with our recent addition of the GANTT functionality within the map. Many customers are enjoying the seamless integration between unstructured data gathering and planning, and then distilling this data into a fully functioning GANTT view. This latest 3.6 release is a reflection of the scale of adoption we have witnessed and the consistent feedback around key improvements we can make to this specific feature. We trust you will enjoy the new capabilities and openly encourage your continued feedback.”


Anonymous said...

I am in the process of comparing Mind Genius and Matchware Mindview right now, looking at applications that combine mind mapping and project management functionality. Expanded import capability is a great idea and the improved Gantt view also sounds great. However, I am an OpenOffice user and am a bit stumped by the necessity to have Microsoft Office installed to be able to import and Export to the Word and Excel formats. The import and export to RTF format gives me a workaround, but only for text files. Would a capability to import and export to Word and Excel files generated by OpenOffice be in the works?

Thank you,
Sven Hansen
Development consultant

MindGenius said...

Hi Sven,

Thanks for your comment. The ability to create OpenOffice documents is a good suggestion and definitely possible. We’ll add this to our enhancements list and it will be considered for a future release.


christopher said...

I have been a user of mindgenius for years and have looked at other products for Process and Project management. To help bridge the gap and stop me from using several products,
1. The ability to have multiple start points and be able to split them would be useful.
2. The ability to carry out "Product based planning" and then transfer the information into, Gantt, pert etc.
3. The best product for you to look at which does the above is "P2 planware"
4. I want to use one product for work shop mind mapping and then turn it into product based plans as per OGC method Prince 2

Hope that was useful. Chris

MindGenius said...

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your comments, they are really useful. We will look into them and add them to our enhancements log and will also take a look at P2 planware.


Anonymous said...


are you planning a version of for the ipad?

Stellario D'Urso

MindGenius said...

Hi Stellario,

The ipad version may happen at some point in the future but unfortunately it’s not high on our list just now due to other priorities. We will keep everyone updated if this changes.


Anonymous said...

Some observations:

For Mac Users, Gael working with CodeWeavers CrossOver for MacOSX, to establish certification and to iron out kinks:


Is probably a good idea. Better than running it in a Virtual Machine - there is also a linux version...

Expansion of the import and export formats is to be applauded, keep it coming with your commercial rivals. Also think about interoperability with FreeMind as well, that way, you expand the reach to multi-platform organisations that want to use MindGenius on their windows workstations, but also need to use maps on other workstation OS.

Keep up the good work!

PS: A printer friendly PDF of the full help would be welcome, there are packages out there that generate both CHM and PDF from the same source.

MindGenius said...


Thanks for your comments. We will take a look at CodeWeavers and test it out.

FreeMind is actually one of the next formats on our list for our file convertor. We will keep everyone up to date on developments on this.

We will also have a look at creating a full PDF of the help file and post a link to it here.


Anna McDonald said...

I have been using mindgenius for many years across a number of roles and companies.

Recently I have introduced the concept of mind mapping to my colleagues using XMind, to intentionally observe whether they would in fact use mindmapping. In the long term I expect we will upgrade them to MindGenius but in the short term this is leading to compatibility issues.

Do you have tips/will you allow import/export XMind file formats?

MindGenius said...

Hi Anna,

Thanks for your comment. As far as we are aware XMind doesn't offer any exports so we would be unable to import the files at this time.

Could your colleagues try out the MindGenius 30 day free trial download and observe their use of mind mapping this way?


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